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Creatine and alcohol

about alcohol and drug compatibility there is a consensus - no!Of course, the consequences of such a combination depends on the type of medication.Indeed, in certain cases, it could end resuscitation.And what can happen when combined with alcohol Creatine?

Creatine is the acid needed for muscle tissues.It is able to increase the energy activity and these are systematically athletes.In their midst Creatine has long been the main sports supplement.Within a few weeks of taking the drug the young athletes feel a burst of energy, stamina and improve athletic performance.

If you speak the language of chemistry, the Creatine contains nitrogen and energy metabolism is a party, being a part of the ATP (adenazintrifosfornoy acid).The energy of our body - this is ATP.In case of increase of physical activity, as it occurs in athletes, the body does not have time to synthesize ATP and Creatine helps to do this.It is necessary in those sports where just need a burst of energy and a quick return.ATP is able to increa

se the speed, the number of approaches to accelerate muscle recovery.

creatine contained in the muscles, increases the power efficiency of fast-twitch muscle fibers.This is important in times when the need lightning-fast muscle.

However, creatine supplementation is associated with side effects such as muscle cramps and headaches, diarrhea and nausea, bloating and weight gain.By the way, creatine is better absorbed if it is combined with carbohydrates.This means that it is necessary to use sweet products or proteins.

Simultaneous administration of the drug and alcohol not only eliminates the main task - improving stamina and athletic performance, but also enhances its side effects.Of course, the very question of alcohol and drug compatibility to improve athletic performance rhetorical.Can alcohol be combined with success in sports in general?For serious sports and focus on the result of alcohol can not be considered.

If Creatine is assigned to physicians for patients with cardiovascular diseases, of course, all should forget about alcohol.

Although the instructions to the drug are no strict prohibitions against such a combination, but you need to take care of oneself.After all, even the simultaneous reception of dry wine and Creatine increases the load on the heart muscle.Given that alcohol acts on the kidneys, increasing the diuretic effect, the conclusion is that the allocation of the body's Creatine is enhanced.

That is, a combination of drug and alcohol does not cause serious consequences for the organism as a whole, but the desired effect will not achieve in the sport.

on sports forums you can read a lot of reviews of athletes on the effectiveness of this drug in order to achieve success in the sport.

However, beer drinkers have concluded that alcohol is damaging to the muscle fibers.He does not build muscle, which is important, for example, for bodybuilders.That is, creatine and alcohol work against each other: the drug stimulates protein synthesis, and alcohol interferes with such a synthesis.

So, with athletes taking creatine, everything is clear.And the people who treated him, or sometimes take in order to increase endurance, healing, need to understand that no one is not specifically engaged in systematic research of combining drugs and alcohol.Therefore, the reaction of every organism on this tandem can be different.And if thousands of people are much disruption in the body it does not cause, in the thousand and one can be anything you want.Or maybe that person is just you? ..

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