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Smoking and bodybuilding

about the dangers of tobacco smoke even preschoolers now know.A warning on cigarette packs are written not only for smokers but also for the people who surround them, that is, passive smokers.After all, they do not suffer themselves less dependent people.So is it possible to achieve success in sports and bodybuilding in particular if both smoke and do?

So bodybuilding - a sport for strong men, whose purpose is to inflate the muscles.Does tobacco smoke affect muscles?Asking this question is like asking whether alcohol affects the driver.Without a doubt, affect!Nicotine promotes the production of cortisol - a stress hormone, due to which there is muscle breakdown into amino acids.Nicotine increases blood pressure impairs metabolism.

first tobacco harm - is its effect on the heart.increased heart rate.Smokers are twice as likely "earn" coronary heart disease (CHD) than ordinary people.

for muscle growth in bodybuilding need oxygen.A smoker's blood is saturated with oxygen instead of toxic gases.Therefore

, there comes oxygen starvation muscles.

smoker's lung capacity is reduced, and the exercise will be to man a strong fatigue.The exercises will be carried out heavier and, of course, less productive.

Smoking - a cause of poor digestion of protein.Therefore, even if the strong protein diet and protein shakes are unlikely to achieve muscle building.

Additionally, smokers are much worse sleep and, as a consequence, the body simply does not have time to recover.Even if you sleep during the day, or 10 hours, then the dream is still not complete, and therefore the recovery of the body too.

amount of blood, which is distilled in the muscles of the smoker is reduced significantly.It has a bad effect on the training process, and to rest after class, when the body delivers nutrients to the muscles.

Nicotine, besides the above, suppresses the production of two hormones - testosterone and growth hormone.And without them the progress in building muscle and you can just not think.

High load due to nicotine dependence lies in the nervous system.This means that after a while the euphoria disappears after smoking - and smoker falls into a depression.And with unstable nervous system, or an athlete falls into stagnation or setbacks he happen, then there is a decrease in muscle mass and power indicators.

That's why smoking is the main enemy in the sport, especially in his power forms, and in particular in bodybuilding.It thus turns out that the athlete eats correctly and uses the right amount of calories per day, in compliance with the training regime and increases the load, and all to no avail.After smoking reduces to zero all the efforts and the efforts of man.

Special studies have shown that after one smoked cigarette endurance and concentration of the athlete are reduced by 15-20%.And do not listen to those who recommend at bodybuilding with cigarettes or go to a hookah electronic cigarettes.This is just a delusion.Because the sport - it's strong card, not weak-willed.When replacing a conventional cigarette to e your heart and lungs will not work better.

Athletes must be more bad habits and bad habits.If a person can not cope with his own force of will, then what about the successes and achievements in sport are we talking about?Call at least one successful, attained significant victories athlete who smokes.

Cigarette in hand - this is a weakness of spirit.Therefore, it is worth considering the feasibility of sports, if we abandon an addiction you can not.After all, the way to any success begins with a victory over him.