Healthy lifestyle

Smoking and Sports

Smoking is harmful - known to all.However, to the great regret, not so easy to get rid of this addiction.Therefore, even aspiring to a healthy lifestyle and engaging in sports, many people continue to smoke.In today's post, we decided to talk about what the impact of smoking on the body during exercise.Is smoking really and sport - are incompatible?And what if you give up cigarettes does not work, and physical activity is an integral part of life?All these and many other questions we try to answer on.

Let's start with the fact that the tobacco home in the United States, often campaigns against smoking, to reduce the number of smokers in the country.We have, unfortunately, such campaigns are not conducted, so the statistics of smokers is very high.65% of men and 30% women smoke daily.And they are not afraid of even the fact that because of smoking 25% of people die prematurely.Do not stop smoking and health problems.Stress, emotions and hard work has provoked man to relax in the company of a cigarette.Ho

wever, since smoking will sooner or later impact on health, many smokers from time to time there is a desire to be healthy.And the first thing that comes to mind - do not throw cigarette, and do sports.Undoubtedly, the visit room - very good, but whether the benefits of physical activity, if you continue to "poison" your body with tobacco smoke?Let us in this deal.

for sports where endurance is most needed, it is very helpful for the smoker.For example, several kilometers run significantly increases the tone of the whole organism, ensures ventilation and strengthens the cardiovascular system.Therefore, the assertion that smoking and sport - are not compatible, wrong.However, physical activity is to bring as much benefit to smokers, athletes need to follow a few recommendations:

Thus, constantly working out, you train your body for physical activity and you will get much more pleasure from training than from smoking.Consequently, sport can help you reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, and if not to quit.After onzakalyaet body and nervous system, and you do not have to look for "comfort" in the cigarette.Nervous?Instead of a cigarette, get active: Press 20 times, poprisedayte or run through the park.Will be surprised, but you smoke then do not want to.

is important to take into account also the fact that the exercise - a great way to cleanse the body from the harmful effects of cigarettes.Light, cardiovascular and nervous system will thank you if you regularly.Especially if the training will lead to a reduction in cigarettes smoked.Therefore, do not hesitate, go in, even if you smoke!Set a goal - not only lose weight but also to quit smoking with the help of sports.Moreover, it is real.

In conclusion we note that in today's post, we will not refute the facts about the dangers of smoking while you exercise.The fact that tobacco smoke greatly affects the organs, even during exercise - the truth.However, much easier to quit smoking, standing on the path of healthy lifestyle than to deny himself the pleasure of physical activity in the mistaken belief that sport is contraindicated in smokers.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!