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Medications that are not compatible with alcohol

assigning the therapy or another drug, doctors warn their patients about the incompatibility of treatment with alcohol.But different drugs have different degrees of compatibility with alcohol.So, we learn about the effects of combining certain drugs groups.

Surely most of us during the designated doctor treating happened at parties, celebrations and used with alcohol.Many, but have seen evidenced by reviews in the forums that alcohol-drug duets almost never without consequences do not remain.

hypnotics or tranquilizers is strictly forbidden to take alcoholic drinks because of human disturbed coordination of movements and enhanced alcoholic intoxication.In some cases it may even lead to coma.In other cases, alcohol is addictive to this group of drugs, and they simply cease to operate on people.

Antibiotic treatment also involves the taboo on alcohol, because they increase the toxicity of this group of drugs and change their properties.Joint use of antibiotics and alcohol causes these symptoms: heart pa

lpitations and fever, chills, dizziness, nausea and fatigue.Sometimes it can develop strong reaction in the form of suffocation and death.

Medication against allergies in their combination with alcohol can cause hallucinations, promote excitation or inhibition of human.

Antidepressants - are potent drugs, so their use with alcohol leads to tachycardia and increasing pressure from the development of hypertensive crisis.Doctors emphasize that even after completion of therapy with antidepressants should be 2-3 weeks to continue to abstain from alcoholic beverages.

Fever-reducing medications have a negative effect on the liver when consuming alcoholic beverages.The gastro-intestinal tract in this case possible diarrhea and nausea.

Diuretic drugs with alcohol - is vomiting and diarrhea, heart failure and blood pressure drop.

The most dangerous is the simultaneous use of drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases with alcoholic beverages.After the use of this product are the blood vessels to expand the property.But the use of alcohol leads to additional extensions.This will result in dizziness or fainting, sudden drop in blood pressure.Sometimes it is fraught with serious condition, when a person can save only a very immediate medical attention.Analgesics in their simultaneous use of alcohol cause tinnitus, lethargy, nausea.

If both use any type of alcohol and drugs, which reduce blood clotting, the bleeding may start to suffer brain and perhaps even paralysis development.

Very dangerous is the combination treatment of hormonal drugs and alcohol.The reason is that alcohol contributes to the development of hormones and increased hormones can lead to seizures and blood clots, exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease.

not worth the risk of patients with diabetes by combining any medications and alcohol.This can cause a diabetic coma, which is fraught with danger for the human consequences.

effects of alcohol on the body of some drugs weaken.This applies to vitamins of group B. They soften the negative consequences of drinking.

Everyone before taking a particular drug must read the instruction to it.It is necessary to carry an indication of the incompatibility of alcohol, if any.If the manufacturer does not warn the customer about the consequences of alcohol and drug alignment, the man himself must abide by this restriction.After all, to a greater or lesser extent, alcohol always negates the therapeutic effect of the drug, helps to activate its side effects.Why spend money on such treatment?