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Medications for alcoholism

Nowadays, alcoholism is a common and serious disease that starts with minor symptoms and ends with serious complications that can lead to disability or death.This is not just a strong addiction to alcohol and painful degradation of the individual.The alcoholic slavery increasingly fall women, even teenagers and children.The main causes of this disease are embedded in the structure of modern society: the instability, the total demoralization of the problems in his personal life, the lack of opportunities for self-realization, the uncertainty in their own abilities, and so on.Most alcoholics do not consider themselves addicted, and refuse to be treated, and help from family and friends perceive very aggressively and inappropriately.

There are many pharmacological and psychological methods of treatment for alcoholism.These methods are interrelated, since without the psychological conviction of the need to treat even the most effective drugs will be useless.It is also very important psychological support in

the treatment of alcoholics at the physiological level.Today on the market there is a wide variety of drugs that promise to completely get rid of alcohol addiction.

To get rid of alcohol dependence, above all, necessary to remove the pain caused by the developing alcohol withdrawal syndrome.Next you need to remove the painful craving for alcohol, cure mental complications, and disorders that have arisen as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.All this can be achieved by using drugs.From alcohol addiction help Esperal, Korda, Polyvidone, glycine, magnesium sulfate, Disulfiram.

Polyvidone is a low molecular weight polymeric compound that helps the human body to detoxify.Toxic substances are derived through the urinary system, and the body is completely cleared in 24 hours.This drug is usually taken together with magnesium sulfate, which has a sedative effect (weak tranquilizer).These drugs can relieve dysphoria and mental stress, normalize the balance of electrolytes in the blood.Polyvidone assists in the early stages of alcoholism, in advanced disease but it is recommended to use a more powerful tool.

Esperali The active ingredient is a chemical substance disulfiram.The operating principle of the drug based on the fact that disulfiram inhibits enzyme activity.These biological substances may not already neutralized ethyl alcohol, part of all alcoholic beverages.As a result, the blood is saturated with toxic compounds, and there is a general poisoning of the body, manifested in severe headaches, vomiting and other unpleasant symptoms.The main component of this drug very well absorbed and completely eliminated from the body.Disulfiram shows no active action as long as the patient did not use alcoholic drink, only after that his health is deteriorating.As a result, the patient is formed aversion to any alcoholic beverages.

This tool is desirable to apply orally or use suturing technique.In the first case, the doctor-psychiatrist, based on the individual characteristics of the patient, assigns daily dosage.On the day you can consume only 1 pill.In the second case, a drug used closed body.In this case, it is not necessary to comply with the special scheme receiving the drug, the drug of microdose capsule itself is ingested alcoholic.

During the treatment it is important to follow certain precautions.The patient should monitor your diet and eliminate meals, which include even small doses of alcohol.Basically it is the sweetness with the addition of brandy or liqueur, milk drinks, meat, marinated in alcohol, energy drinks and so on.It is forbidden to use and medicines, which include alcohol.Remember that the healing process must control narcologist.In no case do not use the drug without first consulting your doctor, since the pills have a number of contraindications, and can cause various side effects in the patient.

Currently Proproten considered one of the most popular tools used in the treatment of alcoholism.At the patient's body it affects homoeopathically, and in some cases, it is used as an antidepressant.This medication is able to ease the craving to take alcoholic beverages.Proproten exists in two forms: tablets and drops.The most powerful effect you will achieve by using Proprotena in conjunction with other medications.

Teturam mainly used in the treatment of chronic alcohol dependency.The active component of the drug substance is disulfiram, which promotes the accumulation of acetaldehyde in the patient's blood.These compounds can cause the patient precipitates a effect, which manifests itself in reddening of the skin, chills, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, feelings of fear.This medication produces a negative reaction to the smell and taste of alcoholic beverages as a result after a course of treatment, the patient does not tolerate even the appearance of alcohol.

Before starting medical treatment, the doctor must send the patient to a comprehensive medical examination.On the basis of these results, he appoints an individual course of treatment for alcoholism, and selects the appropriate dose of the drug.Remember that Teturam has a number of contraindications and accompanied by side effects, which can be hazardous to health.Therefore, it is desirable to consume the pills only after consulting your doctor.

This medication is based on grape extract which is produced in the process of recycling of vegetable raw materials.The main components of the cords is bioflavonoids, they are characterized by antitoxic, antioxidant properties and prohibition campaigns.Basically, the medicament is used for prevention and active treatment of alcohol dependence.Korda components affect the biochemical processes in the body, their normaliziruya after prolonged use of alcohol.In addition, the drug reduces alcohol intoxication, reduces hangover and suppresses the craving for alcohol.As a precaution, you can consume two capsules of the drug an hour before taking alcohol or immediately at the time of its use.If hangover is desirable to pass a two-week course of treatment.The maximum daily dose is 6 tablets cords.If the patient is suffering heavily, or chronic alcoholism, the treatment should last from 7 to 30 days.The drug is often used as an effective treatment for alcohol dependence.

This drug is often also called "Glitsesed".This is an effective anti-stress agent which has a potent sedative effects on the body.It normalizes the metabolic processes occurring in the central nervous system, in addition it reduces the craving for alcohol, and the manifestation of a hangover.The drug is well relieves irritability, depression and anxiety.

Another effective remedy - Medihronal.It is used to eliminate the manifestations of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, chronic weakening dependence on alcoholic beverages.In addition, increased activity of the cerebral cortex.

must be remembered that the self can give a negative result.This is because the treatment is individually assigned in each case.If alcohol dependence can be easily overcome by taking a specific medication, patients would be able to independently cope with the problem.To ensure a good result can not be at self-medication.Therefore, it is desirable to go to the clinic, where specialists will help the patient to recover from alcoholism.