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The fact that alcoholism is one of the most pressing issues of our time, is known to all.The disease, which is caused by abnormal, depending on the alcohol destroys many families and brings a lot of grief not only to the alcoholic, but also the people around him.In today's post, we invite you to get acquainted with the modern methods of treatment of alcoholism, as well as find out how female alcoholism is treated, and whether it is possible to deal with dependence on alcohol, without the knowledge of the patient.In conclusion, we consider the most effective methods of treatment for alcoholism at home.Well, let's talk?

To date, there are several methods of treating alcoholism, which are united by one goal - to rid the patient of addiction.And only on the patient depends, will be giving up alcohol voluntary or involuntary.

Alcoholism Treatment is complex, on the main stage, which is used medications, cleansing the body.After that it could be impacted psychotherapy or hypnosis and medical coding.Coding he

lps to create a negative attitude to alcohol, so it is the most effective treatment of alcohol dependence.However, cons in coding are also available, as this method has a high probability of failure.Moreover, if the patient's psyche is not treatable, the encoding will be useless.

safer method of treatment of alcoholism is the use of drugs.However, the safety of this method is guaranteed only in cases of absolute sobriety while taking these drugs.

In the treatment of patients with alcoholism is also important to bear in mind the psychological factor, so it is often recommended to patients and a psychologist.After all, to get rid of addiction to alcohol can only be self-confident person.Unfortunately, prolonged use of alcohol wipes faith in themselves, as a rule.Therefore, psychologists help in treatment of alcohol dependence - a very important factor.

to modern methods of treatment of alcoholism should include the following:

Unlike male alcoholism, women has its own peculiarities, so treatment is more difficult.For example, women who abuse alcohol are more exposed sharp change of mood.Frequent reception of alcohol are prone to depression and even able to commit suicide.This female alcoholism is practically not noticeable initially.It would seem that such a terrible desire to drink a glass of wine for lunch or dinner?Soon, however, this desire becomes a habit and replace the glass bottle of wine, etc.

is important to note that female alcoholism characteristic they are also frequent binges.And if at the initial stage of alcoholism is still a chance to deal with this problem on their own, then during the binge often require hospitalization.

With regard to the treatment of female alcoholism, they are similar to those used in the treatment of male alcohol dependence.The methods include the treatment and medicines, and encoding method, and hypnosis.

Unlike male alcoholism, the women's drinking should be treated more seriously, because it requires a special psychological approach.Given that women are more vulnerable, they necessarily need a psychologist in the complex treatment of alcoholism.Therefore, the most effective treatment is a treatment in a hospital environment, which involves cleansing the body of toxins, restore metabolism and the nervous system of female alcoholics.Also, be sure to spend with patients sessions, which cause feelings of disgust for alcohol.

important to honor that in the treatment of alcoholism is very important to have the moral support of family and friends.Just feeling the care and attention of loved ones, the alcoholic can begin life with a clean slate.

no secret that most alcoholics do not recognize the disease and believe that they can stop drinking any time.However, their promises, as a rule, remain unfulfilled.Therefore, very often relatives and friends are wondering: Is it possible the treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient.

Note that there are many folk remedies that allow for the treatment of alcoholism on their own, but their effectiveness remains in doubt.Therefore, risk and hope for a miracle - not the best option.For the treatment of alcoholism are the most effective drugs.However, these drugs are not allowed to use without the knowledge of the patient, even despite the fact that they are not dangerous to health.

only reasonable solution in this case is the human belief that he needed to be treated for alcoholism.And you can use the method of family therapy, which boils down to, to destroy the behavioral patterns of the patient.In family therapy, it is working not only with patients but also with his family in order to teach the family how to behave with an alcoholic and a different way to perceive his behavior.This allows you to understand and support the patient and to help him tune in to a sober lifestyle.

If it failed to convince the patient, and the relationship turned into aggression or psychological disorder, the compulsory treatment can be used.However assign compulsory treatment can only court.

We have found that alcohol - a serious disease that requires most of the help of experts.However, if the patient himself wants to get rid of the addiction, but does not tolerate doctors, we can resort to some home treatments.To say that they are effective we will not, but in some cases they do help to get rid of alcohol.

This method assumes that if in a dream sleeping patient send signals that alcohol - the evil, the brain will lock installation and help to gradually grow cold to alcohol.Session home encoding is done daily until the alcoholic asleep.For the domestic session the coding necessary to say these affirmations: "The desire to drink alcohol you are gone for ever, and your body is no longer able to take alcohol, every cell of your body does not tolerate alcohol."

Believers argue that the aid of the Most High - the only true cure for alcoholism.Therefore, if the family of believers trouble came, they pray to the Holy Martyr Boniface.

Prayer Holy Martyr Bonifatii (from drinking)

Oh, suffering and vsehvalny martyr Bonifatii, to your intercession now resorted to prayers we sing to you, behold Siblings Nana serious illness of alcoholism obsession, behold it for the sake of the Mother of the Church hisChrist and eternal salvation otpadayuschiya.

O holy martyr of Christ, touch their hearts, dannoyu minute from God grace.Soon vostavi sinful from falling, and to a spa respect abstinence bring them.Pray to the Lord God, It is for the sake of suffering hast, so forgive us our trespasses our, not turn the grace of his from his sons, but so will strengthen our sobriety and chastity, so help His right hand trezvyaschimsya saving his vow to end Saveor, but the days and noschi withit bodrstvuyusche and dobryya answer about it ozdati on Scarecrow Sudischi acts., Receive, ugodniche God, prayers mothers about chadah her, tears shed, the wives of honest, of the men of his crying, children, orphaned and poor, from the drunks left, and all of us, the icon of your crouches, and come, this is our cry, your prayers,to the throne of the Most High darovati all prayed: the health and salvation of souls and bodies, chiefly the same.Kingdom of heaven.

cover and keep the us from evil and all the excitement koznets Vrazhnov, in the terrible hour of our exodus, Pomozov pass away without offense till the air ordeals and your prayers deliver eternal damnation.

Pray the Lord darovati us and our Fatherland love unfeigned and unwavering, before the enemies of the Holy Church, visible and invisible, invincible force, but we will cover the mercy of God in the endless ages of ages.Amen.

Folk remedies in many cases make it possible to develop an aversion to alcohol because they cause vomiting, diarrhea and other unpleasant sensations.Let's consider what methods can be used:

Naturally, these methods will be effective if the patient is not aware of them.

summed up our conversation today, I would like to note that alcoholism - a serious disease that should not be allowed to drift.Therefore, if you suspect that you or your loved ones have begun a drinking problem, take action immediately!But the way in which treated - will tell our article.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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