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Stomach aches after drinking

The fact that alcohol is damaging to the human body, known to all.But seriously this information are not all.Therefore, the state of hangover the morning after the celebration in the company of alcohol - it is quite usual state for many of us.This violent reaction of the body due to the fact that the nature of the enzyme system is not adapted to the digestion of ethanol.That is why most often after drinking alcohol affects the digestive organs.If you have a stomach ache after the holiday, you should think seriously about whether or not to take alcohol at all.Especially in the morning after the holiday to pain in the stomach join nausea, decreased appetite and other symptoms of a hangover.

Alcohol, getting into the stomach, it causes irritation of the mucous membrane, causing discomfort.In addition to the pain in the stomach after taking the typical sensations of alcohol also are nausea, heartburn, belching air or acid content, and vomiting.All this is because the alcohol corrodes mucosa and wall of the

gastrointestinal tract gradually.Digestion of food is converted under such conditions into the rotting process.Moreover, it is important to remember that the alcohol contained in alcohol is a poison for our body, so it is not surprising that all the organs are affected.When alcohol abuse in the body irreversible changes: the metabolism, stomach stops producing the enzyme of gastric juice, which is designed to break down food proteins - this leads to protein starvation the body.The constant irritation of the stomach leads to the development of gastritis and ulcers, resulting in food is digested poorly, cells and tissue atrophy.

As for the effects of such a state, they can be quite severe.That is why the pain in the stomach after ingestion of alcoholic beverages is very important to consult a doctor.Perhaps you have already started the inflammatory process that leads to gastritis.And gastritis can develop into a chronic form, which cure is difficult.

Chronic gastritis is often a consequence of a long binge and manifested by severe pain in the stomach, heartburn and nausea.Also, these symptoms can join constipation, vomiting and rejection of certain foods.Moreover, even after retching feeling of relief is not tested.Loss of appetite, excessive thirst, pain and nausea - constant companions of chronic gastritis, which requires a long and serious treatment.

Acute gastritis manifested by vomiting with blood or mucus, swelling of the mouth and a bitter taste in the mouth.In this type of patient is very pale and sickly.Treatment of acute forms must pass with taking medications, compliance with a strict diet and a complete rejection of alcohol.

Moreover, along with gastritis may develop alcoholic pancreatitis, which causes pain near the navel and the stomach, vomiting, and even loss of consciousness.In this case, it required urgent hospitalization.

To begin with, we note that abstaining from unnecessary glasses during the feast will greatly ease the suffering of the body in the morning.If you woke up with pain in the stomach, the stomach is desirable to start the rinse after drinking a large amount of boiling water and induce vomiting.Since bursting into the gastric mucosa, then restore it and relieve irritation - our main task.

So gentle for gastric mucosa are products such as milk, egg, liquid oat meal, jelly.Because drinking is recommended to take ostuzhennoy mint or chamomile broth.Only you can take after meals Nospanum or other painkillers.

In conclusion, caused stomach pain - a signal that we should give up alcohol.Well, at constant pains in the stomach should immediately contact a doctor!

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!