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Types of coding from alcoholism

dependence on alcohol - terrible grief, which causes the patient to seek close the way of salvation.Today, they are numerous.But none of them does not give an absolute guarantee of success curing.The same applies to this type of treatment, as the coding from alcoholism.What is the essence of the procedure, what are the kinds of such coding?

coding from alcoholism begins in the forties of the last century.But in the East, this method has been used long before that shamans and priests.The method is based on the principle of aversionnoy therapy.Translated from "Aversi" Latin means "disgust."This aversion to alcohol in the form of a conditioned reflex is the ultimate goal coding.

Russian scientist Pavlov in his time was one of the supporters of the theory of man's belonging to the animal world.He believed that human behavior is determined reflexes, that is the body's reaction to external stimuli.If your dog is constantly hit with a stick on the kind of sticks in the animal fear formed.On this principle is

based coding from alcoholism, which is based on intimidation of a dependent person.To suppress the craving for alcohol use toxic drugs that enhance their properties under the influence of alcohol.They even cause physical pain.These drugs are disulfiram or derived from it teturam, antabusal, Esper.

In order to develop a psychological fear, repressed mind a sick person is often used hypnotic coding from alcoholism.The sick man's consciousness is formed by the association of alcohol with the pain and discomfort that are usually tested with a strong poisoning.Psychiatrists use hard and soft types of hypnosis.

How is this happening?In the body of the patient is administered a particular drug and hypnosis immersed him in a dream.The poison acts, but this time psychiatrist causes pain in dependent pressure on the solar plexus area or eyeballs, reinforces fear in the subconscious mind of man.At this time, he says the frightening phrase, which essentially boils down to the fact that when the next dose of alcohol a person is very, very bad, until death.

Coding, tend to make the room, which is not isolated from the machine sounds, conversation, voice assistant that helps the doctor to form the fear of alcohol.At the end of the encoding procedure is given to man setting out to forget everything that happened in the doctor's office.It is hidden in the memory of the encoding process.

Coding is the fixing point in the treatment of addicts.

coding methods today are diverse.This implantation Suggestone drug, "Torpedo", medical coding from alcoholism, programming according to the method of Alexander Dovzhenko.The latter method is effective for patients amenable to hypnosis.After such conduct hypnosis treatment of alcoholism with cleaning the patient's body.As for implantation under the skin (or fat area) anti-alcohol drugs, such a method eliminates the alcohol for a long time, because blood dependent supported by a stable level of a substance that causes aversion to alcohol.

«Torpedo» - this encoding, in which the patient an injection after the examination of his body.Such diagnosis is necessary to identify contraindications for encoding.The essence of the method - the introduction of substances that are not compatible with alcohol.The patient is a certain time under the supervision of a doctor.When breakdowns in addict health violations occur to a small extent.

In contrast to this method, intravenous injection of SIT, NIT, MST is performed with provocation.That is, after the introduction of these drugs a person is required to give a small dose of alcohol that he understood and realized how dangerous in the future for it to be any kind of alcohol.