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The effect of smoking on the human body

Tobacco, as well as drugs affect the body multiple negative manifestations on the part of the organs.Nicotine addiction is a catalyst for disease, premature aging and death in humans.So, we learn details about this impact.

main long-term outcome of people in cigarette consumption - increased mortality from lung cancer.Among all people with this disease the number of smokers is 80-88%.In Russia, from the disease each year leave this life of approximately 250 000 people.

Statistics says that most smokers are people in the age group from 25 to 45 years and one in four deaths of people from 35 years old in a certain way is linked to smoking.

As for the fair sex, the same statistics say that women start smoking earlier, the number of dependent among them grows, and the incidence of lung cancer, which is the cause of their death, more than the incidence of breast cancer.

Up to 90% of all smokers start consuming nicotine under the age of 13 years.In the year of Russian teenagers smoke more than one billion

packs of cigarettes.

With regard to children, smokers, men and women often suffer from the inability to conceive a child.The reason is simple: the body is weakened by tobacco and its effects on the reproductive system extremely negatively.Under the influence of nicotine sperm become sluggish, they can not move and fertilize the egg.Women with this habit, tend to suffer hormonal disorders, miscarriage, her pathologies.If such moms have babies, very often they suffer lag behind their peers in intellectual development.They are more susceptible to sudden death syndrome in infancy and more likely to suffer from asthma.Children of smoking parents, colds, respiratory diseases are twice as likely than their peers from non-smoking families.And the influence of parents who smoke, their smoking habit - it is always a chance to increase "make friends" with cigarettes in their children.After all, parents are the first and obvious example for their children.

Smoking can cause chromosomal mutations.And it is in subsequent generations leads to dangerous diseases or deformities.The ability of nicotine to cause cell mutation in subsequent generations has grown significantly.That's why today so many children born with diseases not previously known, or acquires them already in infancy.

If a teenager smokes, chances and use them later drug.

Research scientists have concluded: the bulk of smokers - poor people who can not cope with stress.

Secondhand smoke is no less dangerous for the surrounding, non-smoking family members dependent on nicotine than for himself.These people increase their chances of developing lung cancer by 20%.

The same statistics says that smokers and their families are 5 times more likely to resort to medical care compared with families who do not use cigarettes.Accordingly, they are spending more money on medicines.The main way of receipt of nicotine in the body is the respiratory system and lungs.They are the first to suffer from tobacco.Nicotine inhalation passes through the trachea, enters the alveoli of the lungs and from there absorbed into the bloodstream.This is a very quick process.Within 8 seconds after inhaling cigarette nicotine begins to flow to the brain.Two-phase action of nicotine on the body - this is a brain stimulation and inhibition.

greatest negative effect of nicotine and it contains substances have on the central nervous system and heart.Tobacco contributes to atherosclerosis, which in turn leads to strokes and heart disease.Nicotine - is a risk of blood clots, because he has a dangerous carcinogenic effect on the body.

Compared organisms smoking and non-smoker of the same age, then, of course, the first will indicate that tobacco - a dangerous enemy for each body of a healthy man.