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How to stop drinking alcohol : folk remedies

Drunkenness many compare with oncological diseases, the heal from which is very difficult.It is possible, when treatment is started early.This also applies to cancer and alcoholism.Dependence on alcohol has always been a disaster for the family.So earlier, when innovative therapies for alcoholism were still unknown, successfully used the recipes of traditional medicine.So, we will focus on the treatment of alcoholism such methods.

In most cases, treatment of alcoholism used decoctions and infusions.But there are other ways that traditional medicine offers.

summer you can often find bugs forest green, emits a foul odor.We must catch them tens and insist on a glass of home brew.This should be done a week and then give the patient drink this alcohol.This is an effective method, which causes the alcoholic's aversion to alcohol.

ancient method of treatment of alcohol dependence - inhalation of smoke from burning birch.We need to take a bit of dry birch wood, sprinkle them with sugar, the Kindle.When a fire

breaks out, the alcoholic should take and make breathe the smoke.Then he has to offer to drink a glass of vodka.

One of the most successful methods of getting rid of alcohol addiction treatment is the root of lovage.How to apply?We must insist in 0.5 liters of vodka a middle root of the plant and a couple of leaves of laurel.Insist they need 14 days in a cool and dark place.This is followed by the dependent offering 50 grams of this infusion daily.Recipe makes patient aversion to alcohol.

Another option - use the roots of ungulates for curing craving for alcohol.Take 10 grams of the roots, chop them and fill a glass of water.Then boil for 10 minutes on low heat.Cool.Now, two tablespoons of broth pour into a glass of vodka and find a way to make an alcoholic drink this medicine.Do not exceed the dosage, because this plant is quite toxic.

third option is the use of herbs in the treatment of alcoholism is to use the centaury and wormwood.They should be taken in equal proportions, pour a tablespoon of this mixture of glass boiling water, infuse, strain.This means you must give an alcoholic drink several times a day.A week means starts to cause in human aversion to alcohol.

fourth treatment option - tincture of thyme, centaury and wormwood.The proportion of grasses should be: 4 parts thyme and one of the centaury and wormwood.A tablespoon of this infusion is poured a glass of vodka and insist week.The formulation is then necessary to drain and give the patient to drink a tablespoon three times a day until the dependent is not formed aversion to alcohol.For each person it's different periods, and in many ways they are dependent on the duration of alcohol use by man.

difficulty of these methods lies in the fact that the dependent person may simply not want to make decoctions, tinctures.The efforts of relatives (mother, wife) can simply be reduced to zero, to use such remedies dependent person will not be regular.So think of a way that would have worked.Sometimes, when a person learns the direct appointment of these infusions, he could just be an attack of aggression.To this should be ready.

Another problem - it is just the formation of aversion to alcohol.A person can become a very bad start vomiting and dehydration as a result.Help the person to restore water balance and thus suggests to him that all this is happening because of diseased liver that the body is poisoned by alcohol, and it is time to stop.Remind the pleasant moments of the past a sober life of the alcoholic and force it to return to normal life, providing moral and physical support.