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delirium tremens

Alcoholism - a rapid aging of the organism and very terrible change in mentality.A dependent person is not simply loses his memory, reaction, become depressed, and he begins a dangerous disease called delirium tremens, or delirium tremens.Then he simply ceases to be human.Thus, we consider the symptoms of this disease, its traditional treatment.

Dependence on alcohol and delirium tremens - related phenomena.In a state of delirium tremens person becomes dangerous.Delirium tremens begins with 2-4-day binge.However, sometimes it happens in the period of the binge.Usually the first attack of delirium tremens happens during a long binge, and further - in the short time drinking bouts.

There are signs indicating the beginning of delirium tremens:

Blue Devils - it is nothing like psychosis, which is dangerous for the health of the alcoholic and the lives of his loved ones around him.Dependent in a state prone to suicide.He can throw under the car, jump out the window, cut his wrists, trying to get rid of

the pursuing hallucinations or images.He can be heard at this time to vote, threatening and scary.Dependent at this moment does not know where he is, where you want to run.However, he remembers your name, address and information about his family, if it has one.

Hallucinations in delirium tremens during the day weaker.In the evening and at night they become stronger, become bright.Meanwhile, there are hallucinations lucid intervals, when the patient is in a temporary state of adequate and can clearly talk about their visions.

There are severe delirium.For example, a professional delirium.Dependent at this time convinced that he was at work.He can speak the language of professional terms, to give orders to subordinates or to display the working environment activities.Another kind of delirium tremens - mussitiruyuschy or muttering.The dependence of all the time muttering, wipes, smoothed.This behavior can provoke death.

beginning of delirium tremens - a mandatory reason for hospitalization.This should be done promptly.Man should be placed in drug treatment clinic.Without professional assistance dependent may die.

first help the alcoholic in a state of delirium is to put him to bed.If possible, it is necessary to associate in order to prevent suicide attempts.In the supine position the person should be given to drink and ice applied to the face before the arrival of doctors.You can try to calm him down by offering hypnotic or sedative.In a state of delirium tremens, the person must remain in sight of relatives.After all, even he is bound may cause yourself harm.

psychotropic drugs used for the treatment of delirium tremens.Also used detoxification agents.Alcoholics normalize metabolism and water-salt metabolism.It is necessary to bring back to normal cardiac activity.

most commonly in the treatment of delirium tremens used Relanium, haloperidol or droperidol.These drugs suppress the hallucinations.The patient is administered as diphenhydramine or Seduxen.

Intoxication held drip glucose and gemodez, reopoliglyukina and Hemosorption.Heart work is supported by a Kordiamin Korglikon.To avoid brain edema, Lasix injected.Subsidiary is the vitamin.Alcoholics injected vitamins B1 and B6, vitamin C.

Treatment of delirium tremens is carried out in intensive care units.Status of delirium tremens lasts up to 8 days.Recovery often occurs after a long and deep sleep.