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White Heat : Implications

delirium tremens - the scientific name of delirium tremens - one of the most common psychosis, which affects alcoholics.Develops delirium tremens, usually after a long binge, while among patients include not only chronic alcoholics.The fact that at the diseases of the central nervous system or a head injury received alcohol can trigger the development of delirium tremens.Thus if a person is "acquainted" with delirium tremens, the risk of serious relapse of psychosis increases.

First of all, we note that delirium tremens occurs most often in patients with chronic alcoholism, but not necessarily in a state of alcoholic intoxication.Acute alcoholic psychosis characterized by a disorder of consciousness, suddenly appearing scary visual, auditory hallucinations, disturbance of orientation in time and place.Brad, fear, distraction and unjustified aggression, usually occur 2-4 days after the termination of the binge, however, the development of these symptoms in a drunken period is also not excluded.Quite ofte

n, the first attack of delirium tremens occurs after a prolonged drinking bout, the second and subsequent attacks are possible and less prolonged binges.

Recognize the patient with delirium tremens can on the following grounds:

Note that the state of alcoholic delirium may last for several hours or even days.

Doctors are three options for the development of psychosis: it either finishes or develops into a chronic form, or leads to coma and death.And the cause of death often becomes a suicide, which occurs under the influence of hallucinations that accompany psychosis.

Moreover, even in the treatment of conditions of up to 10% of cases of delirium tremens end fatal heart disease, pneumonia, seizures, brain swelling and liver diseases.

The consequences of delirium tremens include diseases such as "dropsy of the brain", alcoholic dementia, memory loss, heart disease, liver damage.In most cases, the consequences of delirium tremens lead to death.Not to mention the fact that in this state there is a lot of criminal offenses.That is why the disease is very serious, and ignore it in any case impossible.

Despite the fact that help a person with delirium tremens is difficult enough, before the arrival of the doctor is necessary to persuade him to go to bed.If the patient is violent, it is tied to the bed, and on the forehead apply cold water bottle.

If the situation allows, the patient can be sent in the shower and easy to sleeping pills.Quarrel with a man is useless and very dangerous.Keep the conversation must be calm, thus it is necessary to call an ambulance.

In hospital human excretion of alcoholic psychosis occurs in stages.To begin to stabilize sleep and eliminates agitation.Be sure to carry out detoxification of the body, eliminating hypoxia and vitamin deficiencies.

various tranquilizers are used for relief of delirium tremens.Also, special attention is paid to changes in the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system, liver and kidney functions.

In conclusion, even give up and despair can not be in alcoholic psychosis.Alcoholism - this is not a sentence!Make an effort to contact the person can be cured even at the worst stage of alcoholism.

Take care of yourself!