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Coding of alcoholism

Aristotle called drunkenness voluntary madness.Since ancient times, people have struggled with this disease, using mostly grass.method of coding of alcohol addiction is widely used today.What is its essence?How to use this treatment?

At the core of all coding methods is aversionnaya alcoholism therapy.The reborn with "aversio" Latin for "non-perception", "disgust".This technique was used in the last century.Basically the drug disulfiram is used to encode.Today he has a lot of commercial names: Antabuse and lidevin, teturam and esperal.

At the end of the 70s there was a way to get rid of alcoholism without the use of disulfiram.It was based on the development of a negative reflex to alcohol with an imitation of such a state, which is similar to clinical death after challenge with alcohol.The method then subjected to bans and conviction, it did not apply in the West.

But in Russia, this method of getting rid of alcohol addiction and settled down with the 50-ies of the last century to this day is used, h

owever, in a less rigid form.The method became massively used in the practice of drug treatment due to the simplicity and faith of patients in the healing of one such session.

The term "coding" AR belongs to doctorDovzhenko, who at one time used the intimidation of alcoholic patients without introducing into the body of any drugs.By the way, the prototype code was deliverance from alcoholism vow, which was used before the priests.Alcoholics thus throwing a drink, afraid of the Lord's wrath.

psychiatrist Vladimir Bekhterev began mass application method hypnosuggestive therapy among patients most prone to suggestibility.

In the minds of people, the term "coding" is associated with the intention to subdue rebellious strictly prohibited alcohol cravings and put a barrier up the serpent-tempter, which is popularly known as green.

coded desire - a kind of rejection of the independent struggle against alcoholism, from finding your own inner strength of will and desire to trust the force from the outside.This person relies on this external force and has full confidence in her, having the desire to do away with the harmful addiction.

The basis of alcoholism always lies weakness of their own vitality, escape from responsibility, it has its own infantilism man.A loss of control over alcohol dose - a loss of control over themselves, body and psyche, behavior and desires.That is a loss of self-confidence and the desire to strengthen the will of an external force alcohol.This is what forms a vicious circle that a person wants to break with the help of coding.

Today in narcological practice there are two groups of methods of coding from alcoholism.This medication and psychotherapeutic methods.

Psychotherapeutic - is the impact on the subconscious hypnosis or other psychotherapeutic techniques for the purpose of his suggestion aversion to alcohol.After narcologists appropriate manipulation of the patient disappears desire to "make friends" with alcohol.Psychotherapeutic techniques in the practice of getting rid of alcoholism are considered more lenient.They are recommended for patients who are prone to the promptings of the, as well as those who have not resorted to coding from alcoholism.

Medication coding techniques involve the use of various medicinal preparations neutral to the human body under normal circumstances.By drinking alcohol of any kind of these drugs come with him to interact and form toxic substances that act on the human body induce vomiting and chest pain, seizures and headaches until death.On the possible consequences of such coding narcologist always warns dependent person.

should be noted that the encoding method is selected for each patient is strictly individual.After all, effective for one dependent method can be completely unsuitable for another.A favorable outcome of coding just depends on the proper choice method.