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Treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient

People who are faced with the problem of alcoholism in the family, know firsthand how hard it is to convince the patient to give up this addiction.Typically, alcoholics do not want to recognize the fact that they have become addicted to alcohol and ruin the lives of not only themselves but also the people around him.Naturally, parents and other relatives, hoping for a miracle, try all possible ways to heal the sick.Therefore, it is often resorted to various folk treatments that are carried out in secret, without the knowledge of the alcoholic.Also, there are several medications that help to reduce the expression of craving for alcohol.However, this method is not always a safe.In today's article we will try to figure out what can be done in the fight against alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient, without causing any harm to his health.

Preparations for the treatment of alcoholism, can be divided into three groups:

All of these drugs are medication, so it is impossible to treat them without

the consent of an alcoholic doctor, as it can hurt the already weakened patient health.

fairness, we note that the effectiveness of these drugs is questionable, and positive results were observed only in rare cases.But when after taking drugs that cause alcohol intolerance, the patient lost consciousness - much more.The fact that the composition of these preparations contain substances which, by interaction with the alcohol in the body cause intoxication.As a result, nausea, vomiting, dizziness.And this is a pretty serious signs of disturbances of the internal organs.

Also note that all of these drugs are expensive, so treatment "is costing you a pretty penny."

addition of drugs, there are many folk remedies and methods by which you can instill an aversion to alcohol, even without the knowledge of the alcoholic.One of the most popular and effective ways is a fungus-beetle from alcoholism.Note, however, that the fungus is very toxic, so exceed the dosage is strictly prohibited.

Preparation and application: it is necessary to find a fungus-beetle, dry it, fry gently in a skillet, then grind into a powder using a coffee grinder.mushroom powder is added to the food or drink of the sick person (not more than 2-3 g), after which he turns purple face and body, begins a wild thirst, vomiting, fever, broken speech functions.This state continues for several hours, after which all of the above symptoms disappear.However, if you take alcohol again, it all comes back "full circle".

Another popular remedy for alcoholism is an infusion of thyme (thyme creeping), which the grass can be purchased at any pharmacy.But here, too, must be strictly observed proportions, because the use of the plant with alcohol leads to nausea and vomiting.If exceed dose, the patient's body can not withstand, resulting in death.

Preparation and application: 15 grams of thyme poured 0.5 liters of boiled water, in a water bath for 15 minutes, filtered and diluted with plain water.Take three times a day for 50 ml.It can be added to tea or soup of the patient.

Finally, share with you another very interesting folk remedy for alcoholism.For the preparation you need to take 20 grams of red pepper, pour a bottle of vodka or alcohol, and let it stand for two weeks in a dark place.Flask is shaken periodically.Two weeks later, the infusion and add any alcoholic beverages.After drinking alcohol the patient will appear nausea and vomiting, causing aversion to alcohol.

And finally: as the effectiveness of folk remedies for alcoholism has not been proved, and medication may be harmful to the patient, we recommend that you still get to the alcoholic turned for help to a specialist.Because our goal - to return the man to life, not to kill his health ?!

Good luck!