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Treatment of alcoholism in the home

The fact that alcohol - and the terrible scourge of our enemy with you present, is known to all.This does not mean that you can not drink at all.Alcoholic beverages should be consumed in moderation.However, unfortunately, not all adhere to this rule, however, the increase of fatal cases per year, associated with alcoholism.Furthermore, alcoholics usually do not realize the seriousness of the situation and seek help only when alcoholism leads to dismissal or family breakdown.But the first steps on the way to a sober life can be accomplished without the help of the psychiatrist.About how alcoholism treatment is carried out at home, - we tell in our present publication.

To begin with, the treatment of alcoholism, as well as other serious diseases, requires a lot of time and effort.And the effectiveness of treatment depends primarily on the patient.If a person is aware of their problem and try to solve it on their own, taking full responsibility, then it is likely that the treatment will take place as soon

as possible and will be very successful.However, if a person does not want to drink, and it did not get to talk, the home treatment is unlikely to help.But, as the saying goes, "nothing ventured - nothing gained", so you can try.

As happens alcoholism treatment at home?First, you need to conduct medical therapy, which helps cleanse the body of toxins and reduce alcohol dependence manifestation.For these purposes, use different formulations (Proproten 100, etc.), which are available over the counter, or use the popular recipes.However, we note that the consultation of the doctor is required at least to appoint a drug.If the patient himself refuses to see a doctor, you can consult with a specialist and a close relative of an alcoholic.Only then can you begin to alcoholism treatment at home.

If you want to turn to folk medicine, it is possible to do without a doctor's advice, however, argue that this method is 100% effective, we can not.Although in fairness, we note that many people decoctions and infusions of traditional medicine have helped to overcome this addiction.

Preparation and use: Take 4 teaspoons of grass creeping thyme and a teaspoon of herb wormwood and herbs centaury.All carefully grind and pour a glass of boiling water.Allow to infuse for two hours and sued.Take broth must be 1-2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals.The course of treatment is 3 months.However, after 1-2 weeks marked improvement.The home

coding alcoholism is a reading of prayers, when the patient is sleeping.Many argue that it was the prayers helped them to return the person to his former life, so we are happy to share with you the text of the prayers.

Oh, great power of repentance!Oh, unfathomable depth of God's mercy!You, Reverend Moses, was the first robber, but terrified of their sins, voskorbel them and repentance came to the monastery, and there in the great lament about his former wrongs and difficult feats of fasting and prayer spent his days before his death and has received the grace of Christforgiveness and the gift of miracles.

Oh, Reverend, you're from the great sins reached prechudnyh virtues!Help and praying you servants of God, drawn to the destruction of bezmernago wine consumption, damaging an immortal soul and body - the temple of the Holy Spirit.Bend them a merciful gaze, and not despise them, but attend to them, seek refuge in You.

Moli, a holy Moses, the Lord Christ, but He, the Merciful, not reject them, weak, and miserable, dying passion chrezmernago drinking wine, and let them not rejoice devil of death, for all of us, like a creation of God, redeemed by the precious Blood of His Son.Hear, Rev. Moses, their prayer and ours.

driving away from them the devil, give them the strength to win their passion, bring them to the path of goodness, cut free from the bondage of passions, to get rid of desolation chrezmernago wine drinking, in order, updated, in the spiritual sobriety and bright mind, loved it all possible abstinence and piety, and foreverglorified always saves his Vseblagago creation of God, He is befitting glory, honor and worship forever.Amen.

In conclusion, doctors rarely share the opinion on the effectiveness of home treatment methods for alcoholism, but do not forbid them to conduct.However, if all of the above methods have failed in the fight against alcoholism, you should still make sure that the patient asked for help from the professionals.

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