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Treatment for alcoholism Dovzhenka method

Trying to get rid of alcohol addiction, people use different methods, formulations, recipes of traditional medicine.One of the methods of alcoholism treatment was developed in the former Soviet Union, and to this day has been used successfully in the CIS.Thus, about the history of the method of Alexander Romanovich Dovzhenko, his actions, strengths and weaknesses.

This method was developed by a doctor of Feodosia Alexander Dovzhenko and was approved by the Ministry of Health of the Soviet Union as a treatment for alcohol dependence in 1984.Nowadays it is one of the most popular and effective ways to treat not only alcohol, but tobacco dependence in post-Soviet countries.Its author, the creator of the method stressopsihoterapii, was once awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples, awarded during the life of the title People's Doctor of the USSR and Honored Doctor of Ukraine for the practical application of the method of treatment of chronic alcoholism.Dovzhenko trained about 150 students, continues to th

is day treatment by his teacher, returning to a normal life dependent.A lot of people thanks to the talented doctor returned to a healthy life, returned to family well-being, have been successful in business and work.

method is popular because of its simplicity and accessibility.After treatment, get rid of the urge to drink for many years, carried out in one day, but at a cost equivalent to one zapoyu alcoholic.

Its essence is in a hypnotic effect on man.Alcoholics inspire the need to respect a fixed period of sobriety.This is followed by removing the craving for alcohol for the entire coding period.

Dovzhenko method is applied without dependent dive into deep hypnosis.It is held in a state of wakefulness and is valid even for people who believe that they can not be hypnotized.

Thus the patient must have a great desire to get rid of dependence and to refrain from taking alcohol a few days before treatment.Treatment method Dovzhenko leads to normalization of the mind and strengthen the body.This method has no similarity with witchcraft and extrasensory.

should know that the term "coding" invented by Alexander Dovzhenko.Coding is the final stage of his method.

As with all therapies, it has its own strengths and weaknesses.Its benefits include the following:

addition polozhitelnyx stopony there otpitsatelnye aspects takogo lecheniya.By ppimepu, posle kodipovaniya most patsientov vedet otschet svoem sober and waiting for the day when kodipovanie potepyaet its effect.

main ppoblema alcohol, nicotine, drug zavisimosti lezhit in podsoznanii in dushe cheloveka.Therefore fizicheskoe lechenie and psixotepapiya are not the final measure of human vyzdopovleniya.In addition to Operate napkologa and psixiatra nuzhen tpud and effort samogo dependent, the plug family.Metod Dovzhenko undoubtedly effective, but it ne ustpanyaet istinnye ppichiny dependence, only a zaglushaet THEIR.Lechenie any zavisimosti be kompleksnym.Only then it will treasure imet truly effective pezultat.