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hangover Treatment

difficult to answer the question of who is in life more difficult: the alcoholic or his family?Pile disease, progressive degradation, the lack of money - constant companions drinker.As, however, and hangover.What it is and how to treat it?

Hangover - a condition after intensive and prolonged use of alcoholic beverages.It has the following symptoms: headaches, nausea, thirst, fever, chills and fatigue, blood pressure jumps.

Typically, this condition occurs within a couple of hours after the evening intake of alcohol, which is delayed past midnight.In the morning a person who is not able to stay at home and feels disgusting.It should be noted that the hangover is characterized not only by chronic alcoholics.Such conditions familiar to those people who just can not stop in time, "meeting an old friend."Sometimes hangover experience and people who drank a little.A modest dose of alcohol is capable of and they cause the above symptoms.

There are many medical treatments for a hangover.But it is hardly a per

son in this condition will cause "ambulance" for medical care and access to the hospital.Therefore, the best methods of getting rid of hangover - folk.Here are some recipes:

Still, the best way to get rid of a hangover is its prevention.Control yourself, learn to stop in time.But that is another topic ...

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