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Treatment of liver cirrhosis

liver - the main and powerful filter of our body.A cirrhosis - a clear threat to this filter.Not all accept treatment with medicines, as most of them have side effects.Traditional recipes treat the disease are accessible to all and more forgiving.Of course, treatment of folk remedies take longer than the drug, but it is safer.So, what kind of recipes you can use, and what should be the diet for such treatment?

plant world is rich with healing properties.There are proven recipes for centuries for the treatment of gastrointestinal disease, including cirrhosis of the liver:

treatment of cirrhosis of the liver - this dieting.It involves the complete exclusion of fried food.Cooking should be a way of cooking, roasting, stewing.Salts also need to add a minimum of dishes, and even better to salt the dish directly on the plate.

Diet in cirrhosis of the liver eliminates preservatives and food additives, alcohol, fat, fat meat and fish broth, coffee and chocolate, nuts and oily fish.Eating in this disease shou

ld be vegetables with high fiber foods: carrots and cabbage, beets and zucchini.Dairy products are best to use low-fat, and as vegetable and animal fats heavily tolerated by the liver.

Nutritionists advise to go to a fractional power.This means 4-5 meals a day eating small portions of food and only with authorized products.It is better if in the diet will be observed daily regime.

So, the last meal should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime.Between meals desirable break of not more than 2 hours.

Soups should be vegetarian or dairy.The meat - low-fat, in the form of veal, beef, rabbit meat.Chicken should be cooked without skin.Preferably use boiled cod and perch, pike and saffron cod.Eggs - no more than one a day, and the best porridge cooking liquid.It should be buckwheat and oatmeal, at least - rice.The cereal can add a little butter and add salt directly into the plate.

Fruits in liver cirrhosis is better to choose a sweet and ripe.It is recommended to use and dried fruits: prunes, pitted, dried apricots, raisins.

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