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Drug treatment of alcoholism

Today there is a wide variety of ways to get rid of alcoholism.One is the medication.What is its essence and advantages?What are the characteristics of drugs to treat alcoholism?

The main advantage of a technique to get rid of alcohol addiction medicines is the lack of need to make strong-willed efforts.Drug technique well with other treatment methods, regardless of disposition and condition of the patient.But, as other methods of dealing with alcoholism, this is not a panacea and does not give 100% results.

of drugs for the treatment of alcoholism are divided into types depending on the effects on the body.These include:

Today, the most popular among people use drugs thirds of the group.The procedure is called with their use aversionnoy.Drugs in this group cause the addict persistent non-perception (disgusted) to alcohol.

Medicines that belong to the second group, are popular abroad, but not in Russia.Preparations of the first group - the most insidious, so are considered "agents provocateurs".Af

ter their application comes only temporary relief of withdrawal symptoms.Save people from alcohol addiction completely, they are not capable.

Nowadays there are two main methods of medication treatment for alcoholism.The first anti-alcohol drug method consists in the fact that drugs used cause dependent severe pain when consuming alcohol.Moreover, regardless of the amount of alcohol consumed.The consequence of the use of such drugs is the formation of a conditioned reflex that causes the association between alcohol use and severe pain.Such means are administered to a human by intramuscular injection.Another version - their administration in capsule form, sutured under the skin.The capsules dissolve slowly in the body, and it lasts from 5 months to 5 years.This is enough to form a stable reflex aversion to alcohol.

second drug method consists in deprivation of certain areas of the brain that is responsible for drunkenness.This deprives the dependent feelings of elation, euphoria after alcohol consumption.That is, a person can drink alcohol, but it ceases to receive from him the previous effect.Yes, these drugs are expensive, but the technique is considered to be the most successful in the world.

main advantages of medical treatment of alcohol dependence are neutral effect on the psyche and the taboo of psychologically sophisticated methods.Per person is not affected by hypnosis, do not affect his subconscious, then there is no invasion of his subtle world.Applied drugs act quickly.

Drug treatment of alcoholism has disadvantages.Main - deliverance from the effects of alcoholism, and not on its causes.Another drawback - the possible deterioration of the dependent.Cases also and exacerbation of other addictions.In addition, there is the risk of drug dependence.

Note that the use of any medication to get rid of alcohol dependence is possible only after the appointment of narcologist.Thus it is necessary that the specialist was an experienced and knowledgeable.He will choose the appropriate means taking into account the characteristics of the organism dependent, time drinking.He must control the treatment process, its progress and the possible aggravation of the results.

Do not forget that there are no universal means to help all equally dependent people.Alcoholism - a serious disease that requires patience and a comprehensive approach to treatment.