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Allergic to alcohol : the symptoms

Drinking alcohol is associated with a mass of disease, developing on a background of alcohol dependence.But sometimes it happens that the human body simply does not take alcohol.How to identify an allergy to alcohol?If

quality alcohol in moderate doses may be safe for the body, the production of which does not comply with the standard requirements, can become poison.

The fact that alcohol can cause even an allergic reaction, do not know everything.Allergic to alcohol - is the body's hypersensitivity to its components.Development of allergy usually occurs with repeated use or exposure to allergens in the human body.This unpleasant phenomenon, the main reason for which is the use of intoxicating beverages containing ethyl alcohol.

In addition it can be allergens and other components of alcoholic beverage.For example, hops and yeast, where beer, sulfites as preservatives in various wines.Allergies often cause and dyes, which are in powder wines and flavors in alcoholic beverages.

should be noted that a

n allergy to alcohol can be hereditary.And in this case it is most evident on the paternal side.Then people do not accept alcohol even in small doses.In humans, allergies manifested by vomiting, severe headache, possible even anaphylactic shock.

If we talk about another kind of allergy to alcohol - acquired allergies - it arises as a consequence of the use of low-quality alcohol with a large dose of dyes and various chemical additives.

When a person drinks a little or very rarely, on holidays, you can not pay attention to the appearance after a glass of champagne red spots on the face, hands and neck.People often blamed on food allergies, considering that such a reaction may cause only products.But sometimes alcohol allergy symptoms more seriously.This can be a skin peeling and headache, vomiting and decompression.

wines and champagne contain a part of such a substance, like sulfur dioxide.It falls into the drink from grapes that this chemical is processed at cultivation.Sulfur dioxide is also used as a stabilizer in the production of wines.That sulfur compounds in wines often cause allergic reactions in humans.

There is another strong allergen.It pesticides that are used in growing grapes, and for alcohol production.Base wine, liqueur or brandy contained in its composition additives, which can also be allergens.

main problem of allergy to alcohol is that it displays the body needs time.The man has no idea of ​​the sometimes insidious that it can expect.Therefore, it is important to timely diagnose an allergy to alcohol.This is possible only when attention to their health.So, for alcohol allergy are typical symptoms: redness of the face and body, nausea and vomiting, skin peeling and its cracking, itching and rapid intoxication, swelling of the face and runny nose, headaches and asthma attacks, changes in body temperature and tachycardia.

should be noted that all external symptoms initially may be poorly expressed.Then appears a metabolic disorder, aggravated chronic diseases appear constipation, headaches, and sometimes can even be panic attacks and fainting.

If necessary measures are not taken in time, there may be bronchospasm and angioedema, anaphylactic shock and hemolytic crisis.When "fast" does not arrive on time, it can be fatal.Sometimes doctors can not save a person's life in such conditions, if the time has been lost, and resuscitation have started too late.

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