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How to get rid of bumps on the coccyx in men ?

How to get rid of bumps on the coccyx in men?

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  • Classification and the main types of cysts
  • Causes of cysts coccyx
  • How and what to treat a cyst
  • Possible complications

complex human body is designed in such a way that its individual organs may occasionally experience various problems.It is expressed in unpleasant sensations that go into pain, which sometimes become unbearable.Many familiar pain in the head and in the back, in the joints and in the throat.A lot of trouble delivering toothaches.

Pain in the coccyx in men

Sometimes men in the coccyx is a slight bump, which can cause considerable pain. Most often this tumor suggests this illness, which is called the inflammation of epithelial coccygeal.Otherwise, the disease known as the tailbone cyst.

Classification and the main types of cysts

  1. tailbone cyst Epithelial coccygeal course, that does not manifest itself clinically.
  2. cyst follicle is characterized by the fact that sometimes the hair follicle becomes inflamed for some reason, and t
    here is festering with the advent of dense growths.In the area of ​​the coccyx is formed painful swelling.Fix this problem is possible only by surgical excision of the cyst.The operation itself is not very traumatic.
  3. tailbone cyst, which are the cause of chronic injuries.Small cracks, gaps in the smallest bone is gradually accumulated contents, which later forms the inflamed cyst.This condition can disrupt the whole spine, especially the lower of its department, which often leads to reduced mobility.Help is only capable of a surgical intervention.
  4. Acute inflammation of epithelial coccygeal, which can manifest itself in the stage of abscess formation, infiltration, purulent fistula, recurrent abscess.Chronic inflammation can occur after these stages.Most often it is an innate phenomenon is eliminated surgically.

proctologist explores cone, if necessary, sends a man to study with the help of ultrasound.A radical way to combat cyst may be a surgical intervention, in which the tumor is excised, the cracks cleaned of accumulated pus.

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Causes of cysts coccyx

X-rays of the coccyx to identify the causes of tumor cause of the problem can be identified only by a doctor.This is done with the help of X-ray, ultrasound (US), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).Experts attribute the appearance of tumors in the area of ​​the coccyx with some hereditary factors and with a variety of developmental defects of the spine.

As a result, some growth disorders formed a special course, covered with a layer of epithelium.It is located under the skin usually in mezhyagodichnoy space.This is an anomaly, but it is quite common among men.Periodically through the fine pores of the particles are removed that move pus and other substances.When clogged pores begins fester.For a long time this disease can occur unnoticed.But riding a bike, the load on the lumbar spine can trigger an exacerbation.

at risk include people with the wrong hair growth in the coccyx area.Hair sometimes grow into the skin, resulting in inflammation and swelling appear as bumps.This is inflamed cyst on the coccyx in men.It can also be a consequence of the injuries suffered by many years ago, after which left a small crack in the coccyx.This injury was quite difficult, but it is quite possible, if as a result of the fall hit the hard surface of the gluteal region.

Wearing tight jeans bumps on the coccyx in men can appear as a result of blockage of the flow of the damaged epithelial coccygeal fistula.Externally, the neoplasm is a solid bump.The tumor may exert a certain pressure on various nerves, muscles and cause a dull pain.As tumor maturation appear on its surface recesses in the form of points, of which the ooze pus colored yellowish.It is an occasion to refer to a specialist.Delays lead to fester, will be severe pain and swelling in the area of ​​the coccyx.A person becomes hard to sit and walk.The body temperature rises to 38-39 degrees.

reasons for coccyx cysts may also be the following factors:

  • pinched nerves, the displacement of intervertebral discs, low back pain;
  • disease of the nerves and muscles of the pelvic floor, the pathological processes in the pelvic bone;
  • hemorrhoids, rectal fissures, proctitis, sigmoid, frequent constipation;
  • long sitting on upholstered furniture;
  • emotional stress;
  • tight jeans.
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How and what to treat a cyst

Conservative treatment can lead to an abscess that spontaneously opened and brings relief to the patient.At the site of the tumor formed scar.But sometimes the fistula does not heal for a long time, the pus flows, disease becomes chronic.

The complex of conservative treatment, the doctor may include:

  • Blue clay to treat inflammation anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • physiotherapy;
  • manual therapy;
  • massage;
  • acupuncture;
  • complex exercise therapy.

From folk remedies can help bring relief and compress with blue clay and apple cider vinegar compress with tincture of valerian, iodine mesh applied to the coccyx area.There are useful regular simple exercise.You can not only carry out jogging and brisk walking, jumping and jerky movements.

If the bump on the coccyx (sometimes with a hematoma) larger than 1 cm long to resolve, may occur compression of the spinal cord.The consequences will be completely unpredictable.It can only be an effective surgical treatment.Cropped acute inflammation can be incision and drainage of purulent tumors.After 1-2 months after this operation is performed by excision course, fistulas and scars.After surgery, the patient should observe a special regime:

  1. not sit, do not lift anything heavy for 3 weeks.
  2. shower and wash mezhyagodichnoy fold should be taken daily after removing operating seams.
  3. During the six months to epilate every 2 weeks in the area of ​​the operation.
  4. regularly handle Venue antiseptic surgery.
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Possible complications

seemingly harmless bump on the tailbone under certain conditions, can cause serious complications with very unpleasant consequences:

  1. may be deformed vertebra or several vertebrae.
  2. purulent masses can penetrate the blood to other tissues, which can cause sepsis and death.
  3. Harmless tumors under certain circumstances, can quickly develop into malignant, to cope with that will be very difficult.

Watch out for your health.

If you have symptoms of any disease, consult a doctor.


Better safe than get serious problem.Completely get rid of bumps on the coccyx is possible only by excision.Make this the surgeon may classical method, using a scalpel.There is less traumatic for the male body laser and radio-wave scalpels.