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How and why shall bacteriological seeding ejaculate ?

How and why shall bacteriological seeding ejaculate?

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  • Why the analysis tank sowing?
  • How is the delivery of semen for analysis?
  • Terms of delivery to ejaculate bakposev
  • How is the analysis?
  • What man with poor sperm bakposeve?

Infertility - a problem which is currently faced almost every 4-5 couple.And in about 45-50% of the time the culprit that conception does not occur, is a man.Determine the cause, due to which the conception naturally impossible, - the main task of the doctors involved in the treatment of male infertility.

Correct diagnosis by qualified

And one of the most important steps in the fight against disease is a competent and deep diagnostics.One of the most common diagnostic techniques is sowing ejaculate.This analysis, in most cases, the most accurate method to determine the cause of male infertility.In addition, the planting of the ejaculate is appointed for men in the presence of suspected infectious diseases, inflammations and other disruption of the male urogenita

l system.Many men appointed not only sowing ejaculate, but other diagnostic measures.Typically, this surrender of prostate secretion.

Why the analysis tank sowing?

Save men Bacteriological analysis of ejaculate allows Andrology and Urology to obtain valuable information on the state of health of the patient.The analysis detected bacteria sowing, due to which the inflammatory process has begun in the male reproductive system.This is particularly important for maintaining sexual health of men, that is, its ability to continue the race.Timely delivery of seeding tank allows time to detect infections that are sexually transmitted, allowing the man to avoid possible complications and avoid infecting their sexual partner.

Letting ejaculate on bacteriological sowing must be carried out in almost all situations where there are symptoms of inflammation male genital organs.These symptoms may be clinical and laboratory.Clinical symptoms are manifested as pain, burning, various discharge with an unpleasant odor and impurities.Among laboratory signs include, for example, increased the proportion of white blood cells in the analyzed ejaculate.

Thus, bacteriological seeding is assigned in the following situations:

  • for suspected male infertility;
  • the presence of infectious diseases and inflammatory processes of male genitalia;
  • for suspected prostatitis and a number of other diseases;
  • in the presence of a woman, a man with whom the examinee had sex, diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

Thus, bacteriological seeding is a very important analysis that allows most accurately detect pathogens of a variety of diseases in urology, dermatology, Venereology, and other areas of medicine.A study of male microflora conducted on this technique, considered to be one of the most accurate, sensitive and specific.When the fence ejaculate for analysis must comply with a number of important conditions on which performance depends on the accuracy of the test result.

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How is the delivery of semen for analysis?

Sterile container for ejaculate There are a number of approved methods that are used in the fence ejaculate on bacteriological seeding.Usually, it is produced by masturbation or the stimulation ejaculatory center with special electrodes introduced into the rectum.Chance of vibratory massage of the penis.It is important to tell the person who will carry out decoding results of the analysis, all the transferred diseases and taking medication, asmany of them can lead to significant distortions.

As a rule, the ejaculate is collected in a special sterile container with a wide mouth.In addition, the analysis can be used for postcoital sperm.In this case, its collection is carried out without a condom lubricants and spermicides.Ejaculate thus obtained must be delivered to the study for 1 hour.When transporting the material must be at a temperature corresponding to body temperature.

analysis can be carried out using urine postorgazmennoy when retrograde ejaculation, when semen is thrown into the bladder through nesomknuty sphincter.This procedure is usually prescribed for no or too small volume of ejaculate.It performs bladder catheterization, in which are special environment, or alkalinisation of urine, which allows to preserve the conditions of sperm activity.

best and most widely used method of sperm intake is masturbation.

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Terms of delivery to ejaculate bakposev

Thorough hand washing before the procedure Before any ejaculate for analysis should be thoroughly wash your hands and genitals.From last sexual intercourse before going to the hospital should go through 3-5 days.During this time, you need to refrain from visiting saunas and drinking.If possible (necessarily agreeing with your doctor) need to stop taking drugs.Contraindications to massage the prostate and seminal vesicles.Deliver sperm obtained at home is unacceptable.

analyzed can only complete a portion of the ejaculate, asin its various parts contain different amounts of sperm, and other microorganisms.We must try not to lose the first portion of the ejaculate.It was found that it contained about 75% of the total number of spermatozoa.Those sperm are present in the remaining volume, usually have lower mobility, which may distort the results of the analysis, if it is dealt to determine the cause of infertility.

semen is collected in a clean and dry glass container, which is pre-heated to body temperature.The material must be delivered to the study no later than 3 hours after the intake.If the sperm can not be delivered within the specified time, before the delivery to be stored in the refrigerator, but no longer than 1 day.

If bacteriological sowing is carried out for research and myco-ureaplasma, the ejaculate is placed in a special bottle with a medium for mycoplasmas.There is also a medium for the cultivation of Trichomonas.At the direction of the doctor must tell the patient that he warned lab workers.

Typically, within 7 days after the date of ejaculate patient receives the results of the analysis.

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How is the analysis?

Colonies of microorganisms sperm placed in a special culture medium conducive for the "cultivation" of various microorganisms.A few days in the medium to maintain a certain temperature.During the multiplication of micro-organisms together in colonies which are distinguishable under a microscope.The specialist carrying out the analysis, detects the presence and quantity of microorganisms, their rate of reproduction, sensitivity to various antibiotics.This allows you to choose the most effective treatment program.

Within 5-8 days the identification of microorganisms and antibiogram.When everything is ready, the patient receives at the hands of the form with the results of bacteriological seeding.Modern laboratories provide results by telephone, e-mail, site laboratories, etc.

Microbiologist conducts decoding bacterial inoculation test.The doctor receives a conclusion.If bad analysis, the man appointed by the appropriate treatment.


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What man with poor sperm bakposeve?

Antibiotic This analysis allows us to evaluate the role of microorganisms in the development of an infectious or inflammatory process.It can help you determine the degree of opportunistic pathogens.Only after that can be treated with antibiotics and other drugs.

There permissible limits the presence of certain organisms in which they do not lead to the development of diseases.For instance, mycoplasma and ureaplasma represent normal human flora and lead to the development of the disease only when not actively begin to proliferate under the influence of certain factors.

In medicine, there is such a thing as colony-forming units.It refers to a microbial cell that later grows into a colony.In this unit, and the results of bacteriological seeding.

Each seeding method has the established standards, indicating clinically relevant concentrations of germs that can lead to the development of the disease.If the colony-forming units exceed the permissible limits, the analysis is considered bad.Be sure to research the material is held and checked the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics.This analysis allows you to assign the most rational antibiotic therapy.


After a course of treatment, as a rule, appointed re-analysis of the ejaculate.Procedures may vary depending on the individual characteristics of man and of symptoms, so donate sperm for analysis should be based on all of the recommendations offered by the doctor.Be healthy!

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