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What causes darkening of the skin in the groin in males

What causes darkening of the skin in the groin in males

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  • Why are there spots in the inguinal folds?
  • How to remove darkening groin
  • Prevention darkening inguinal folds

Darkening of the skin in the groin in men can occur at any age, even for no apparent reason.

Visit the public bath can serve as the appearance of darkening in the groin
While most men are not related to his appearance as biased, as women, and darkening it does not interfere, but such a phenomenon, be sure to pay attention. It may be a sign of the beginning of serious diseases.

Why are there spots in the inguinal folds?

Consulting a dermatologist Brown spots occurring in men in the inguinal folds, can be of different colors and different shapes.Their appearance is sometimes accompanied by pain and swelling.But it happens that they suddenly find themselves in, and when the stains were not known.

  1. Sometimes dark spots appear as an occupational disease.Men who have to be naked in the workplace, often remove excess vegetation, causing the skin microtrauma.Pigmentation occurs as a result of epid
    ermal injury, produce melanin.
  2. wearing tight underwear, too, causes microtrauma, causing dark spots in men in the groin.
  3. Dark brown spots or pigmentation of black color may be symptoms of stomach cancer.In this case, they are quite dense in structure, their surface is velvety to the touch.
  4. skin darkens in the inguinal folds in Addison's disease.This is a rare disease in which the adrenal glands lose their ability to produce enough hormones for normal functioning of the body.Basically reproduction cortisol breaks down.Also groin darken nipples and armpits.
  5. Changes the color of the groin area in diseases associated with changes in the work of the gallbladder and liver.
  6. skin in the groin color changes in chemical poisoning.This happens most often when the accumulation of harmful substances occurs gradually.It is usually associated with professional activities.
  7. Pigment spots pink is most often indicate the presence of a fungal infection or tinea versicolor.Their appearance is accompanied by itching, scaling, skin soreness.If you do not start on time treatment, the disease spread to the buttocks and legs.
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How to remove darkening groin

Treatment of the fungus Before you start a fight with a change in color in the groin, is required to establish the cause browning.Dark spots on the skin - enough reason to appeal to the dermatologist.

Associated with microtrauma darkening of the skin in the groin by a doctor can diagnose more swelling and painful to touch.But even after the treatment of micro traumas of skin color is not always recovered.If the aesthetic appearance of the restoration is necessary, it will have to resort to laser correction.

If you were diagnosed with serious conditions associated with systemic or cancer, the treatment of these diseases to be.

disruption of the normal functioning of the liver or gall bladder is adjusted with special preparations, which must appoint a doctor.This may be a drug therapy or means from the arsenal of traditional medicine.Once the work of the liver and gall bladder normal, brown spots brighten.

course of antifungal therapy will return groin normal color, if they are dark due to the settlement of their disputes spawn.

Good hygiene These places men was chosen not only Candida.Eczema bordered or athlete's groin is considered typically male disease.Risk factors for infection fungal infections are:

  • violation of carbohydrate metabolism;
  • excessive sweating;
  • violation of intimate hygiene.

Fungal infection is transmitted by direct contact with carriers of the disease and through the objects used by the patient.

Pityriasis versicolor is treated by means of exfoliating the top layer of the epidermis.A method of sharing a pathogenic filamentous fungus Microsporon furfur same as in other fungal infections, but more symptoms - itching, burning, peeling - the formation of spots is present.Malozaraznoe disease and no other trouble but violations cosmetic appearance, does not deliver.

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Prevention darkening inguinal folds

To prevent or aggravate the discoloration of the skin in the groin area in men, it is necessary to perform a fairly simple rules:

  1. Observe good personal hygiene.
  2. Do not use objects that were used in the other person.
  3. In the bath, a sauna and other institutions of this kind do not come into contact with benches and shelves bare skin.
  4. Try to avoid skin micro traumas, not abuse wearing tight synthetic.Prefer underwear made from natural fabrics.
  5. struggle with excessive sweating, treating inguinal folds special means, to prevent the formation of excess weight.

course of systemic diseases or organic changes in the body, these rules will not be able to save.But if in time to see a doctor, then caught in an early stage of a serious defeat of the body can be stopped.


groin area Hyperpigmentation can be an indicator of serious damage to the body.

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