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What diseases cause yeast infection in men ?

What causes a yeast fungus disease in men?

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  • What places affects the fungus?
  • What mushrooms are attacking the male body?
  • Who can be infected by a fungus?
  • How does the fungus feet?
  • Ringworm is a common fungal infection
  • colored yeasts
  • fungal infection of the nail plate
  • fungus as the cause of dandruff
  • Fungal infection of the genitals
  • Treatment Options

Mycosis - a large group of diseases that develop when a person defeat pathogenic fungi.Getting in favorable conditions, yeast begin to actively proliferate in the male body, delivering a lot of inconvenience to the owner.The fungus may be a different genus and species.Yeast vary depth penetration and localization, iecountry.Fungal diseases are among the most common among men.It is important to detect the problem and receive appropriate treatment becauseif you do not start in a timely manner to treat a fungus, the yeast will continue to develop rapidly and can lead to various complications.

Consultation with a doctor

What places affects the fungus?

Virtually all the male body is a great place for the reproduction of the fungus.However, the most common fungus affects nails, skin, hair, and some internal organs.According to statistics, most often found in men fungus hands and feet, including a defeat nail plates.Several less common fungus scalp.In addition, modern men often diagnosed thrush - another common disease caused by the fungus Candida.

deep mycoses affect some internal organs and disrupt their normal functioning.Depending upon the particular disease, symptoms may appear differently.For example, for faringomikoza characteristic scratchy and dry mouth, otomycosis when there is pain, and discharge from the ear, for rinomikoza characterized by bleeding from the nose, the presence of pain and feeling of heaviness in the paranasal sinuses, and laringomikoz accompanied by a change of voice and dry cough.If there are any uncharacteristic and warning signs, you must immediately consult a doctor.He will take the required tests and determine how to treat a specific disease.

self-control danger of fungal infection, among other things, is that it can develop in the male body for months or even years, without giving itself felt.For men, the presence of the disease is often a unpleasant surprise, and they learn about his presence at the time when the fungus in full progress.Therefore, it is important to periodically take tests to help detect the presence of the disease in a timely manner and to begin effective treatment.

treatment of men engaged in the doctor-mycologist.It conducts the necessary studies to determine the culprit of the disease, and appoint an optimal treatment.You can consult a dermatologist.Do not start to use any means without the consent of a doctor.Uncontrolled treatment can cause in men is very severe complications.

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What mushrooms are attacking the male body?

Some fungi are present in the human body from birth, peacefully coexisting with him to a certain set of circumstances.They do not cause any harm to a person, as long as it does not weaken the immune system.Any disease, depressing the protective functions of the body, can lead to the fact that the fungus will start to actively proliferate.This is especially characteristic of the fungus Candida that causes thrush.

This fungus almost immediately begins to actively aggressive activities.Thrush symptoms usually occur within the first few days after infection.However, in men the disease can be asymptomatic for a while.The characteristic features is the appearance of itching and white plaque on the genitals.Also, plaque may appear on the gums, tongue, inside of the cheeks.

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Who can be infected by a fungus?

Determination of diagnosis The greatest risk of infection by a fungus susceptible to men with impaired circulation.It occurs in various diseases of blood vessels, bones of the foot, diabetes, leg injuries, obesity.Therefore, it is important to promptly treat all the diseases.

Risk group includes representatives of the elderly.According to statistics, more than 35% of people undergoing treatment for such infections are pensioners.

left its imprint can and profession.Very often, the fungus of the feet and nails found among employees of industrial enterprises, miners, athletes, power workers, steelworkers and others. On duty, many of them have to be a long time in uncomfortable shoes made of synthetic materials.In such circumstances, the feet sweat a lot, which creates perfect conditions for the development of mycosis.Athletes can become infected with fungus in the gym locker room, swimming pool, shower.

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How does the fungus feet?

More than 35% of people who seek treatment, amazed fungus feet.In this illness the feet skin becomes thickened, rough, it begins to peel off.Many people do not even know what struck by a fungus.They smeared foot various emollient creams that have a short-term action, and are surprised that the skin with each passing day becomes more coarse.In severe cases, the entire foot is covered with fungus and formed a kind of armor.

gradually affected nails.They acquire a yellowish or gray color, thicken and crumble.Usually first fungi affect the free part of the nail plate and then spread to the root.As a result, the nail is destroyed and loses its function.

Next infection spreads to other places.Reddish scaly lesions may appear on the limbs and trunk.The disease affects the fingernails and hands.

Symptoms of yeast infection in men In most cases, the fungus spreads in families stop in contact with the patient's relatives.Spores are stored for a long time on things and are transmitted through the common household items, carpets, bath, etc.On the floor are easily contaminated flakes stick to the skin, so it is primarily infected foot.

lack of timely treatment leads to sensitization of the organism.He stops normally perceive certain foods and medicines.Among the complications is quite common mycotic eczema.The skin is covered with cracks, which can penetrate through other pathogens.Therefore, it is important to promptly see a doctor and undergo the prescribed treatment.

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Ringworm is a common fungal infection

causative agent of the disease are representatives of a special kind of fungus.Typically, people become infected with ringworm contact with infected animals - usually stray dogs and cats.Also, the source of infection may be a guinea pig, a horse, some birds, household items, which contains spores of the fungus (usually those belonging to the infected person).

Disease The most common ringworm diagnosed in children.The disease affects hair and skin.The skin is covered with small bubbles and nodules, crusts and scales.On the head there are large areas of baldness.Hair broken off at the level of 0.5-1 cm. They look as if they cut ringworm.

You can become infected through various kinds of damage to the skin.A contributing factor is lowered immunity.Upon contact with a person harmful spores spread very rapidly.The first symptoms, including tingling and slight redness appear, usually within 1-2 weeks after infection.

when symptoms need to see a dermatologist.It may take a few small pieces of skin lesions for more detailed study.

In many cases, the lamp Wood is used to diagnose the disease.A man walks into a dark room, turn on this lamp, and when his hair was amazed by the fungus, they begin to glow emerald green.

If untreated, the disease gives complications.There swollen lymph nodes, fever, inflammation, rashes.

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colored yeasts

The disease of the reproductive system in men These fungi usually appear during the warm season, in the form of white spots on tanned skin.The spots may vary in size.They are a symptom of a multi-colored, or tinea versicolor.The causative agent of the disease is a fungus genus malatsezy.This fungus is parasitic on the epidermis - the surface layer of the skin and does not penetrate deeper.Most commonly affects the skin of breast, sides and back.Stains may have a different color - white to brown.Subjected to UV exposure, the fungus begins to work as a kind of protective film.The production of melanin is inhibited, which is why tanning in the affected areas is not available.

infectious disease, but it is not infected everyone.The risk group includes people with excessive sweating and the specific composition of sebum.Because of this, pityriasis versicolor is most common in people who are overweight, vegetative-vascular disorders, diseases of the biliary tract and liver.The fungus can reproduce at a deficit of B vitamins in the body, and those people who work in hot, humid conditions.

The disease is treated with special anti-fungal drugs that are prescribed by a doctor.The patient is recommended to be tested for liver enzymes.Every day you need to change clothes, underwear and towels.

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fungal infection of the nail plate

Almost the same spread as a fungus feet, is a fungal nail infections.Provoking such a disease can order 50 kinds of opportunistic and pathogenic fungi.

nail plate begins to fade and thicken, become yellow or gray.The nail gradually crumbles, causing pain.

Infected with fungus can be so sick of people and objects in contact with the infected pathogens disease.An enabling environment for the breeding of the fungus is created in the rubber and synthetic shoes.

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fungus as the cause of dandruff

Critical periods in family life Often dandruff occurs due to fungus patirosporum oval.This fungus lives on the skin of each person and normally do not cause any harm.The negative impact of such a "neighbor" starts to appear in the background of strengthening the work of the sebaceous glands.It "eats" stand out fat and active breeds.Because of this sloughed off skin cells rapidly, with the result that there is dandruff.

production of sebum may increase against the backdrop of various factors: in case of problems with the digestive system, under the influence of stress, when hormonal failures, lowered immunity, chronic infections, hereditary characteristics of an organism, vitamin deficiency, improper or inadequate care of hair.Set a specific reason to help the doctor.

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Fungal infection of the genitals

One of the most common diseases, the development of which provokes a yeast infection is thrush.Previously, she is most common in women, but now the same is often diagnosed in men.


Under normal conditions, this fungus can live for everyone, does not prove itself.However, if you have problems with immunity, and under the influence of some pathogenic bacteria fungi Candida begin to actively proliferate, which leads to the appearance of symptoms of thrush.In men, the symptoms of the following:

  • swelling of the glans penis;
  • bad smell;
  • thick rough allocation under the foreskin;
  • redness of the foreskin;
  • pain during urination;
  • irritation and pain of the head of the penis;
  • itching around the head;
  • pain during sexual intercourse;
  • problem exposing head.

may develop and the more dangerous types of yeast.They appear when the penetration of the pathogen into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body.However, this happens very rarely.When the first symptoms of yeast infection should see a doctor and undergo the prescribed treatment.

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Treatment Options

successful treatment

treatment program depends on the type and extent of damage.For treatment of external conditions, generally used antifungal topical creams.They destroy the membrane of fungal cells.However, to use any means possible only on prescription.Not the fact that struck only the outer skin.And as long as you treat the outer manifestation of the disease, it can progress in, so you can begin treatment only after a preliminary examination, using funds that are prescribed by a doctor.

Any of drugs for the treatment of fungus can have side effects, which also have to be taken into consideration.One of the most common - a burning sensation when applied.People with sensitive skin may appear irritation and longer burning.When such symptoms should be reported to your doctor.He will select another tool or additionally prescribe a corticosteroid cream.These drugs reduce inflammation, relieve the itching and redness.They, too, can only be used after prior consultation with the doctor.For the treatment of certain diseases, provoked by the fungus, can be administered antibiotics.


To reduce the possibility of infection by a fungus, watch your health, personal hygiene, eat properly and in time to treat the disease.Be healthy!

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