The most useful products for potency

most useful products for potency

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  • balanced nutrition men - the guarantee of health and good potency
  • What should be the diet of men?
  • role of nutrition in the life of the stronger sex
  • Featured Products
    • Vegetarian dishes
    • Protein foods
    • Sweets also need
    • Essential seafood
  • What shouldexcluded from the diet?

desire of every man - to have excellent health.Unfavorable ecological environment, hectic lifestyle, permanent psychological disorders, stress can unsettle even physically healthy representative of the strong half.How to avoid such a fate?In order to prevent the negative consequences associated with the deterioration of sexual opportunities, you need to pay special attention to eating men.Products that increase potency, it must be present without fail.

Increased potency

balanced nutrition men - the guarantee of health and good potency

pledge good health and male activity - balanced eating right.It is a major source of vitamins, trace elements, minera

ls, and other components with a special activating action and necessary to maintain the body in good shape.

It is through a balanced diet and active lifestyle man can forget about the problems with potency.It is important to make a diet, pick up useful and necessary products for potency and good physical condition, stick to set the power mode.Let's talk about the full men's diet.Which foods stimulate the potency, it should include?

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What should be the diet of men?

Balanced diet diet of healthy men should be diverse.It should include the products contain the raw calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium.Together with them into the body should do the required amount in animal and vegetable proteins, natural fats, carbohydrates, enhancing an erection.

Experts recommend carefully calculate the daily diet and nutrition, it will fully meet the daily caloric needs of the body.

food that consumes a representative of the stronger sex, should be fortified.Essential vitamins for normal potency: A, C, E, and D. In the winter, it makes sense to take vitamin supplements.A positive effect on the potency of vitamins B5 and B6.They help the body cope with stress, regulate the balance of hormones.Foods rich in these vitamins, be sure to include in the diet.

Indispensable in the diet of men and aphrodisiacs.They contain zinc, necessary for the production of male sex hormones and sperm, which increases libido hormone - dopamine.Not to be redundant, and foods rich in the antioxidants and alkaloids - theobromine.They are responsible for the feeling of love.

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role of nutrition in the life of the stronger sex

Vitamins in vegetables proper and balanced diet, rich in vitamins, minerals and valuable substances is considered a guarantee of trouble-free erection.Aphrodisiacs raise potency, increase appetite.B vitamins are actively struggling with stress and nervous tension, trace elements contribute to the production of male hormones.

If a representative of a strong Why is lead a healthy lifestyle, regularly eat protein, vegetarian food, fruits, dairy products, sweets and many other products to improve potency, he will be able to meet your other half without much difficulty.

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Featured Products

Many men are wondering what products increase potency?They are quite a lot.Nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat, sweets, honey, seafood, fish, herbs, milk, sour cream, cottage cheese - the main sources of trouble-free erection.They need to eat regularly to eat in order to maintain a normal tone.Let us consider in more detail the effect of this or that product group potency.

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Vegetarian dishes

Plant food Vegetable food is distinguished by its ability to increase sexual activity and opportunities for men.Those who constantly consume artichokes, lettuce, cabbage, celery, beets, soybeans, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, quince seeds, melons, nettles, carrots, turnip, sunflower seeds, anise, cardamom, asparagus, pepper, ginger, and other useful for potency productsI do not have problems of this nature.Why?What is so useful in these products?

Their secret lies in an unusual composition.They contain large amounts of vegetable proteins.Despite the fact that they are compared to animal proteins are less significant bioavailability, their amino acid composition are very favorable to increase potency.

also in plant foods contain necessary to restore the hormonal balance of polyunsaturated fatty acids and components that affect the sexual activity.

urologist and sexologist recommended in the diet of healthy men include peanuts, walnuts, other orehoplodnye plants, lemons, oranges, pomegranates, avocados, figs, mint, thyme, cumin, tarragon, and purslane.These products are great increase potency.

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Protein foods

protein foods is no less important in the diet of man and protein foods.Sexual power males increases the meat, so it should be present in the diet is often enough.No less useful fish dishes.They increase erection several times.

most "loving" the fish is mackerel.It contains trace elements, increase anxiety, and vitamin E, which is responsible for the production of testosterone - the main male hormone.It is advisable to eat boiled fish.

men should also diversify the diet of vegetables.They miraculously affect the sexual force.Potatoes, turnips, onions, mushrooms, carrots - vegetables, improving potency.They stimulate sexual desire, because they have a special amino acid composition, have a beneficial effect on male sexual performance.An excellent stimulant and a dandelion.It should be added to vegetable salads.It is rich in minerals and proteins.

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Sweets also need

good for health and enhancing the potency of honey.It is recommended to mix it with walnuts, hazelnuts or peanuts, and eat every day for 3-4 hours before bedtime.This means the best way affects the increase in potency.The effect upon receipt of such goodies seen on day 4-5.

Nuts and honey walnuts and peanuts can replace prunes, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds peeled or other dried fruit.

enumerate the most effective sweet foods that increase male potency, and not to mention black chocolate - is unforgivable.It not only improves mood and effectively combats stress, but also contains antioxidants that are responsible for the feeling of love and trouble-free erection.This effect provides and cocoa.

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Essential seafood

beneficial effects on sexual performance men have such foods as flounder, salmon, mackerel, shrimp, squid, crabs.It contains selenium and zinc - essential minerals that affect the sexual function of every man and providing sexual health.

Seafood - the main source of not only vitamins and minerals, and essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone.The oysters contain a lot of zinc, is responsible for the production of sperm and male sex hormones.They guarantee the highest possible "faithfulness" and faultless potency.

Mussels Mussels are not inferior in their features and capabilities oysters.They improve erectile function due to its beneficial properties.They are rich not only in zinc - an important component of uninterrupted opportunities, but on the rare amino acids that activate the production of sex hormones.

To achieve maximum effect, you should eat shellfish raw, because during heat treatment a considerable part of useful trace elements and proteins are lost.

actively recommended to eat shellfish on the breeding stage.During this period, the concentration of amino acids contained in them, the highest.

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What should be excluded from the diet?

To avoid problems with potency and prevent impotence, you must, first of all, to limit the useless and harmful foods, negatively affecting erection. The daily diet of a lot of men.These include coffee, energy drinks, sweet drinks.

Yes, of course, among them there are those that are a few hours drive increase, but their frequent use causes a considerable strain on the blood vessels and the heart, as a consequence - the likelihood of thrombosis and heart attack.

is desirable to minimize the use of pasta and other carbohydrate foods, which allows you to quickly get enough, but does not improve the potency.Bread can affect both negative and positive role in the maintenance of male power.Do not abuse the white bread.They contribute to overweight and impotence.

useful for men is bran or rye bread.It contains B vitamin necessary for a normal erection.


Sausages, Sausages - favorite, but absolutely useless in the men's food ration.They contain preservatives, clamps and other chemical components, adversely affecting not only on the sexual force of representatives of the male gender, but also on their health.

Food, increase potency, to be present in every man's diet.They, along with a regular sex life, sports, walks in the fresh air and great mood will help to forget about the unstable erection permanently.