What are the benefits of walnuts for men ?

What are the benefits of walnuts for men?

Walnut - a product that is extremely rich in vitamins and beneficial trace elements.

In particular, it is necessary to use the stronger sex.The therapeutic properties of the product have been found in ancient times. order to for many years to maintain a good shape, mental and physical health, to feel a surge of strength, energy, and you should definitely include in the diet of a walnut. He, like nothing else, is able to restore the activity of the male body and normalize the condition of internal organs.


First product helps improve the overall emotional mood of a person, as it is able to improve sexual function in men.It consists of zinc, which is very good for the development of the gonads.Furthermore, zinc contribute properties prostate cure.If men have any signs of impotence, it is recommended to use a walnut.The product restores the lost strength and gives confidence.It is recommended to take a core in combination with food products such as honey, mo

lasses or sesame oil.

nuts Benefits for men is evident.Harm to put this product can not, however, it is important to use it.Kernels that are inside, can save man from the appearance of a dangerous disease.Thus, the product is good to use for the prevention of serious diseases, which cause harm to the body.In order to prepare tasty and healthy weight from nuts, they must be crushed and pour liquid honey.The resulting mixture is best taken 3 times a day.As a honey substitute can be used goat's milk.

walnut: benefits and harms

Walnuts on the tree

Fruits and partition are very useful in the treatment of prostatitis and adenoma in men.Walnut has a beneficial effect on intestinal diseases and helps in the treatment of kidney disease.Doctors tend to argue that if you eat a mixture of this product with honey several times a day, you can prevent the harmful effects of radiation.This is extremely important in order to maintain health for a long time.The nuts have such vitamins as A and E. It helps prevent anemia, help to normalize cardiovascular activity.At the same time it stimulated the process of absorption of cholesterol deposits that happens very quickly.

With diarrhea use a drug that is prepared on the basis of the walnut walls.They need to be dipped in vodka at a ratio of 1: 2 and for 15 days stored in a cool, dry place.In order to get rid of the illness, take several drops of solution, 2 times a day.

known drugs for men - a mixture of walnuts with dried fruits.For the preparation you need to take 12 pieces.nuts, dried figs 200 grams, 200 grams of prunes, all thoroughly and store in the refrigerator.Take mixture should be washed down with yogurt or sour milk.In order to achieve maximum results, it is necessary to grind walnuts, since they are also difficult for the body with food.You should also comply with the measure in their use, so as not to cause harm to the body.


undoubted benefits of nuts is to stimulate mental activity.Through use of this fruit can be significantly improved memory and brain function in general.The product can quickly remove fatigue and restore the vital functions of the body.