The harm of alcohol , why can not men drink beer ?

the dangers of alcohol, why can not men drink beer?

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  • Action on the heart
  • Effects on the stomach
  • hormonal failure
  • kidneys, liver and beer
  • Beer and brain
  • beer alcoholism

harmful to men for a beer?The issue of interest to many.And there is a lot of debate on this ground.Someone convinced that no harm will not be.And someone says that even a small amount is sufficient for the negative effects on the males.Who is right?

Drinking beer

discussed below all the pitfalls of drinking beer.

Action on the heart

heart of a man - a weak spot.And alcohol has a negative effect on him.No exception and beer.And it's worth noting that beer, unlike virtually all other alcoholic beverages is not measured by grams, and liters.And this is one of the dangers for the heart.For a short period of time consumed a significant amount of fluid that must be pumped.This requires an increase in pressure, which increases the load on the heart.

Another shortcoming is that the beer - a carbo

nated beverage.As a result, the carbon dioxide contributes to the rapid absorption of alcohol in the blood.

beer Injury constant increase in blood pressure causes left ventricular hypertrophy, the heart grows in size.The result is the development of so-called "bull" of the heart.Enlarged heart becomes weak, muscles lose their elasticity ( "nylon stocking syndrome").The heart starts getting worse and worse, to pump blood becomes more and more difficult.As a result, beer alcoholism begin to develop heart disease: angina pectoris, ischemia, which can smoothly flow into the heart attacks and strokes.

face drinking becomes puffy, swollen, with "bags" under the eyes, with dilated vessels.Therefore

beer - it is harmful to man's heart.

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Effects on the stomach

Does beer influence on the stomach?Undoubtedly.And this action carries no means a positive effect.Carbonic acid and the fermentation products, which are contained in beer, cause irritation of the stomach wall.This, in turn, leads to the production of excessive amounts of hydrochloric acid.The increased acidity of the stomach, which is the cause of gastritis, ulcer.And the last stage - stomach cancer.

development of hypertrophic gastritis different character.First, it increases the acidity of the stomach wall and thicken.Then, the protective function is reduced, the walls are thin.All these phenomena are considered to be precancerous symptoms.

It is said that the stomach for men - a weak body.Just as the lungs and heart.Gastritis is observed almost every man.

Beer alcoholism have a negative effect on beer and intestines.As part of hops used to make liquor, contains a large number of resins of various types (soft, hard, shared).Resins are carcinogens that contribute to the development of cancer.That drink beer often becomes a cause of colon cancer.

negative impact has beer on the pancreas.Activities Authority violated develop the disorder, similar to diabetes.Therefore

beer - this is a serious factor for the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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hormonal failure

Beer is the reason for the decline of male power, transforms it into a woman.How does this happen?Under the influence of liquor comes degeneration of the parenchyma of the testes and adrenal tissue.At the same time, a decrease in production of the main male hormone - testosterone.

In addition, in the beer drinks contain phytoestrogens, special substances similar to female hormones.All together, this leads to changes in the exterior men, the activities of its gonads become similar to the work of the female body systems.

Beer belly With regular reception of beer in men growing belly, rounded shoulders, decreases scalp torso and face, chest increases.In rare cases, there is even a selection of colostrum - liquid that is released from a woman's breasts during pregnancy.It is changing and the voice of a man: it becomes more subtle, weak.

Beer harms male potency.Furthermore, deteriorating the quality of sperm.This can lead to infertility, male will have no progeny.

Due to the wide spread of beer, beer consumption in large quantities it is more often the cause of male infertility are.

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kidneys, liver and beer

As mentioned above, the beer is often used in large quantities and in a short period.A significant amount of fluid intake increases the load imposed on the kidneys.This can lead to a change in vascular walls - narrowing of the vascular system.This can lead to failure of the vessel.In this case, the kidneys will not be able to process all of the amount of liquid drunk.

negatively affect beer consumption and the liver.The beverage contains a certain proportion of alcohol.Therefore, regular consumption of beer leads to problems with the liver, which are observed in other alcoholics.

Damage to the body body begins to work with a constant overload, and then completely ceases to perform its protective function.As a result, "unfiltered" alcohol enters the bloodstream, poisoning the cardiovascular system and the kidneys.And deteriorating state of the blood, changing its structure, reduced clotting ability.

Initially, there is an increase of the liver, which gradually leads to the development of chronic hepatitis.Accompanied disease steatosis, necrosis of liver cells.Ultimately amateur beer beverage waiting cirrhosis.The liver is irreversibly changed, reduced in size.In 95% of cases the disease ends with death of the patient.

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Beer and brain

suffers from beer and brain.If excessive use of alcoholic beverages is the destruction of brain cells, tissue desiccation.This negative impact on beer stronger than vodka.This is due to the fact that beer contains small amounts of cadaverine - a substance similar in its effect to the poison.

The young and teens, especially with the growth of the youth of the body, adverse changes occur much faster.If young people regularly drink beer, they have reduced intelligence, learning ability.

Contact the hospital All information is digested much worse.

With the development of beer alcohol-dependent people often come to the hospital in critical condition, which is accompanied by low self-esteem, developmental disabilities, dementia, speech disorder.

Against the background of adverse changes in cerebral hemorrhage can occur from the use of alcohol, pulmonary edema.Diseases in the defeat any infection develops quickly, with complications.In severe cases, paralysis can strike.Therefore, men should not drink beer.

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Beer alcoholism

We now know why you can not drink beer.Excessive its use leads to defeat the stomach, liver, heart, kidney, intestine and brain.And the consequences can be complex - heart attacks, liver cirrhosis, bowel cancer, stomach cancer, kidney failure and other work.But besides all this beer drink addictive.Himself without realizing it, a person becomes dependent on alcohol.Every day he needs a dose of alcohol.

The dependence develops quickly.Many believe that the small amount of alcohol in beer is not harmful.However, the drink is consumed in large quantities, as a result equal to the load, as the use of stronger alcoholic beverages.


alcoholic deterioration of health often does not connect with a taste for beer.Some, on the contrary, further increase the dose of alcohol.As a result, this leads to even more serious consequences, and the relationship becomes stronger.

beer is often the beginning of alcoholism, and not just beer.Gradually, the body produces an addictive, leading to the fact that the man did not drink one or two beers and four or five.Often added to the vodka and beer.

Danger beer and after the alcoholic has passed a course of rehabilitation.At this time, even half a cup of beer enough for re-development of dependence.

should be noted that beer drinking is growing more rapidly than from alcoholic beverages.At the same time patients arrive at the clinic in a state of neglect, often observed understated personality assessment and dementia.


Thus, the beer - it is very harmful alcoholic drink that causes a variety of different diseases, internal organ damage. also may develop dependence, accompanied by a variety of abnormalities in the body and mental state.This should take into account men who often use the foamy drink.

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