Reviews of Tamsulosin drug in the treatment of prostate diseases

reviews about the drug Tamsulosin in the treatment of prostate diseases

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  • Properties and mechanism of action Tamsulosin
  • pharmacokinetics of the drug Tamsulosin
  • Indications and contraindications to the use of tamsulosin
  • Dosing tamsulosin
  • Possible side effects
  • Specific instructions for use of the drug
  • interaction with other drugs
  • reviews of the effectiveness of treatment

tamsulosin is antidizuricescoetool, used as a corrector of urodynamics in the treatment of urinary disorders, developed on the basis of benign prostatic hyperplasia.The drug reduces the tone of smooth muscles of the prostate, bladder neck and other parts of the genitourinary system.As a result of this selective competitive alpha 1-adrenergic receptors have improved the flow of urine is significantly reduced urethral irritation, decreases the intensity of obstruction symptoms developed on the background of BPH.It is used as a component of comprehensive treatment of men suffering

dysuric disorders in prostate adenoma.Reviews of many men and professionals of medical evidence of the effectiveness of the drug Tamsulosin.tamsulosin

Properties and mechanism of action Tamsulosin

The drug is based on a competitive and strictly selective blocking postsynaptic alfa1A / D-adrenergic receptors, which are located in the smooth muscle of the neck and the bladder body, prostatic urinary canal (urethra), detrusor, prostate.

Treatment with the drug Tamsulosin promotes positive dynamics:

  1. improves bladder emptying.
  2. significantly reduced the severity of difficulties with urination.
  3. Reduced volume of residual urine.
  4. minimizes irritation and obstruction appearing on the background of benign prostatic hypertrophy.

therapeutic effect in most cases begins to be celebrated within 2-3 weeks after starting treatment with the use of tamsulosin.It is stored for a long time.With it you can significantly delay the need for surgery or catheterization.

When tamsulosin is not observed almost no connection with alfa1B-adrenergic receptors.According to averaged data, communication with these receptors in vascular smooth muscle 20 times less intense than the interaction with alfa1A-adrenergic receptors.High selectivity

Tamsulosin drug avoids the clinically significant blood pressure reduction in both men with normal blood pressure, and in people with hypertension.

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pharmacokinetics of the drug Tamsulosin

Prostate it almost completely and rapidly absorbed after oral tamsulosin.To improve absorption of the drug is recommended to use it after a meal.For the drug Tamsulosin characteristic linear kinetics.Thus, after a single daily dose means the maximum concentration in plasma is achieved after 6 hours.

After reaching equilibrium concentration (typically after 5 days of treatment) in the presence of maximum plasma means about 60-70% higher when compared to the concentration observed after a single use.Such an increase in the concentration of most older patients, but is often found in young men.

tamsulosin being associated with plasma proteins is 99%.The product is not subject to the so-calledthe effect of the first passage through the liver.There slow decomposition, in which the pharmacologically active metabolites are formed, retaining a very high level of selectivity for alfa1A-adrenoceptor.

main part of the drug present in the blood of a patient in an original form.Most of the drug is excreted by the kidneys.About 9% return in its original form.In single dose of the drug Tamsulosin elimination half-life is approximately 10 hours.In the case of continuous treatment is up to 13 hours.A terminal during its half-life is 22 hours.

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Indications and contraindications to the use of tamsulosin

BPH Treatment with tamsulosin is appointed for men diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia.Also, a drug widely used for the treatment of other diseases of the prostate and lower urinary tract.

Among contra note:

  1. orthostatic hypotension.
  2. Individual intolerance to the drug.
  3. liver failure in severe form.

necessary to exercise caution when a patient has severe renal insufficiency.

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Dosing Tamsulosin Tamsulosin

Tamsulosin drink plenty of water ingested after the first meal and drink plenty of clean water.It is one of those drugs which in most cases do not require an individual calculation of dosage.However, to better align the dosage with your doctor to be sure there is no risk of side effects.The manufacturer does not recommend to chew tablet or capsule, asbecause this can decrease the release rate of the active ingredient.

lack of hypotensive effect and a very high selectivity of product eliminates the need for individual selection of dosage.Minor and medium-sized human liver and kidney disorders, too, do not require dosage adjustment.But the last word still remains for the doctor.

Cases of acute overdose drug data were not observed.Theoretically, overdose tamsulosin possible acute hypotension.It is not excluded a risk of compensatory tachycardia.

If hypotension symptoms persist, the patient should lie or sit down and introduce him or vasoconstrictor drug obemozameschayuschy solution.Specific means the doctor will recommend the appointment of treatment.To stop further absorption of the drug, can be washed stomach.Used osmotic laxative and activated carbon.It is necessary to monitor kidney function.It is important not to self and to adhere strictly to the dosage and rate established by your doctor.

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Possible side effects

the treatment with tamsulosin need to monitor the patient's health.Perhaps the emergence of such side effects: Side effects of tamsulosin -oschuschenie palpitations

  1. The feeling heart palpitations, chest pain, orthostatic hypotension.
  2. Headaches, dizziness, insomnia or drowsiness, fatigue.
  3. defecation disorders, nausea.
  4. Rhinitis.
  5. Reduced libido, ejaculation disorders.
  6. Itching, various rashes on the skin.
  7. Pain in the back.

These side effects are rare and isolated cases.However, when they occur it is imperative to inform the doctor.

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Specific instructions for use of the drug

Side effects of tamsulosin -Head pain start tamsulosin can only be prescribed by a doctor.Before this must be confirmed diagnosis.The patient is undergoing tests, which allows you to exclude other diseases, accompanied by the same symptoms as benign prostatic hyperplasia.The patient necessarily checked for prostate cancer.Before starting treatment with this drug, and it is regularly performed during digital rectal examination.Also in case of need being identified prostate specific antigen.

In some patients, there may be a reduction in pressure.Occasionally it drops to syncope.Therefore, patients who have a tendency to orthostatic hypotension, the drug should be taken with extreme caution.When weakness, dizziness and other symptoms of the patient is necessary to lay or sit steadily.It should remain in this state until the complete disappearance of symptoms.

drug must be careful to take the patients with severe disease and impaired liver function. In individuals with impaired renal function dose usually does not decrease.

While receiving the drug should be possible to limit the control of vehicles and be careful when performing other potentially hazardous activities that require quick reaction and high concentrations.

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interaction with other drugs

Side effects of tamsulosin - pain in the back Tamsulosin shows no side effects when co-administered with the majority of existing drugs.Simultaneous administration with cimetidine resulted in a slight increase in the content of tamsulosin in blood.When taken with furosemide concentration decreases, the dose of tamsulosin but the change is not required.

drugs warfarin and diclofenac may increase the elimination rate of tamsulosin.Hypotensive effects of the drug may increase when co-administered with:

  1. other alpha1-blockers.
  2. acetylcholinesterase inhibitors.
  3. diuretics.
  4. alprostadil.
  5. anesthetic.
  6. Beta-blockers.
  7. blockers of slow calcium channels.
  8. levodopa.
  9. ACE inhibitor.
  10. antidepressants.
  11. alcoholic beverages.

free fraction of the drug in the plasma does not change in the interaction with:

  1. warfarin.
  2. diazepam.
  3. Hlormadinom.
  4. diclofenac.
  5. Simvastinom et al.

drug interactions with the majority of drugs have no preparation.Not found interactions with glibenclamide, amitriptyline, salbutamol and finasteride.

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reviews of the effectiveness of treatment

Side effects when taking tamsulosin - decreased sex drive Treatment with tamsulosin leads to regression of the characteristic manifestations of benign prostatic hyperplasia.Severity of symptoms is reduced almost in 2 times in 3 months of treatment.After completion of treatment in men there is a significant improvement in quality of life.By the end of the treatment of symptoms of the disease index is down nearly 75%, which is a very good result.Improvement of symptoms in most cases occurs within the first 2-3 weeks of treatment.

tamsulosin beneficial effect on urodynamics.Reduced number of white blood cells in prostatic secretions.However, to ensure high effectiveness against inflammatory processes in the prostate drug to be combined with other treatments.

The drug was well tolerated by patients.Very easy to use.

If before the start of treatment, the patient did not have problems with blood pressure, they are more likely to appear in the course of therapy with tamsulosin.

results of these studies indicate that the use of tamsulosin clinically justified in the treatment of chronic prostatitis abacterial.Another advantage is the lack of preparation in most cases need individual selection of doses and the use in combination with the overwhelming majority of other drugs.


blocking adrenergic receptors posterior urethra, prostate and bladder neck, Tamsulosin restores the coordinated work of the bladder, contributing to the rapid disappearance of the problems with urination.However, these drugs have no effect on the course of inflammation in the prostate, so they should be used in combination with existing treatments of chronic prostatitis.Treatment can be started only on prescription.Be healthy!