Features of the effects of alcohol on the results of semen

Features Alcohol impact on the sperm

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  • Influence of alcohol on sperm quality
  • Spermogram: preparation, analysis, implementation and value
    • rules of preparation forspermogramme
  • effect of alcohol on the results of semen
  • semen parameters, which can influence alcohol

alcohol has a very negative impact on the overall condition of the body men. particularly pernicious influence of alcohol on sperm (in particular, the quality of sperm).For this reason, men who are seriously thinking about posterity, must take into account this factor.

The negative impact of alcohol on the body

In addition, alcohol and distorts the results of analyzes, including on semen analysis.

This is true even of those men who drink occasionally.

Influence of alcohol on sperm quality

The medical community is unanimous in the fact that alcohol negatively affect the male reproductive function.Moreover, this negative impact is so great and serious that unhealthy offspring to play enough, that the man was not even an alcohol

ic and drank alcohol for several months prior to the planned conception.

Impaired fertility function due to alcohol We are talking about the impact of ethanol on the quality and performance of sperm.The fact that ethanol, men entering the body, smoothly passes through the protective mechanisms, and is embedded in the metabolic processes at the cellular level.As a result, violated all the links in a single chain of the process.Germ cells are no exception.Ethanol "settles" not only in the gastrointestinal tract, liver and other organs, but also in the testis, prostate and testis.This can not but affect male fertility function.

What are the main consequences for the fertile function, which can cause alcohol:

  1. violated part of the seminal fluid.
  2. blood circulation in the testes due to alcohol-induced vascular degeneration.
  3. reduces the production of sperm cells, so that their number reaches a critical standards developed oligospermia.
  4. changing the ratio of abnormal germ cells contained in semen.Normally, they make up ¼ of the total cells, but alcohol increases their number at least twice.
  5. Reduced sperm motility due to the deterioration of the seminal fluid.

Carrying semen Alcohol is dangerous even if a man uses it regularly.Even a single dose of alcohol blocks the synthesis of testosterone to 5 days, and it is precisely this male hormone is the most important when it comes to the fertile function.Even if a man drinks a small dose of any alcoholic beverage in any case it happens inhibition of brain activity.In turn, this will cause a violation of erectile function and ejaculation.Thus, the onset of an erection will be delayed, and control over the process of ejaculation, on the contrary, will zatrudnen.Posledstviya as alcoholism is even more serious: the man is reduced and then completely lost libido, impotence occurs.

As a result of such adverse effects on sperm ethanol there is a huge risk that the egg is fertilized by sperm defect.The consequence of this would be the birth of a baby with a variety of severe pathology.Therefore, couples who are planning a child should be aware of these points and give up drinking alcohol for at least 3 months prior to conception, as a full cycle of development and maturation of sperm is 90 days.And it is the refusal of any beverage containing ethanol (even alcoholic).

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Spermogram: preparation, execution and analysis of the value

Semen analysis - the study of the male ejaculate.This is an extremely important analysis, especially for men, thinking about procreation.This analysis is the only method that can give a man the answer to the question of whether he is able to conceive a baby, because the possibility of conception largely depends precisely on the quality of sperm.

analysis is carried out in the laboratory under a microscope.It consists in the fact that the man provides a semen laboratory, obtained by masturbation.Theoretically, the procedure can be carried out at home, but it is best to do it all the same in a special cabinet in the laboratory to rule out any doubt.In addition, it is important and proper preparation for the delivery of analysis.

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rules of preparation for spermogramme

Preparing for spermogramme Result analysis and its validity depends on many factors.In particular, failure to comply with basic rules in preparation for analysis can distort the real picture.Subsequently, the doctor may put the wrong diagnosis, assign incorrect treatment, which altogether may not be necessary, etc. Here are the rules, compliance with which will help every man avoid such misunderstandings:..

  1. For 3 - 5 days before delivery of the analysis does not take a hotbath and shower, do not sunbathe or in the solarium, do not bathe in the sauna, bath and so on. d.
  2. 3 days prior to the study to limit consumption or eliminate coffee and medication.
  3. is strictly forbidden alcohol, because its effect on sperm quality is extremely high.The sooner a man abandons alcohol, the more accurate and objective analysis of the results will be.
  4. week before analysis to abstain from sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Even if a man has fulfilled all the requirements for the preparation of the test, there is a possibility that the laboratory staff may make mistakes in the process of investigation of ejaculate.In this case, if there is suspicion of an incorrect result, it is better to be tested again.

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Influence of alcohol on sperm

The effects of alcohol on the results of semen The impact of alcohol on the results of the analysis are so serious and widespread that it is easier to overlook than vice versa.In summary, the results of semen analysis are divided into 3 types:

  1. bad analysis.He suggests that the man is unable to conceive a child by virtue of the status and sperm quality, abnormal parameters important for fertilization.
  2. Normal analysis.A man can be at peace, because all sperm indicators are in the normal range, that is, man can have children.
  3. Good analysis.All indicators of the ejaculate is totally normal.

man who regularly abuse alcohol, a priori can not have a normal or, especially, a good result of the analysis, because it does not allow your body to recover, constantly poisoning him with new doses of alcohol.But if a man is not abusing alcohol, drink it shortly or, worse, on the eve of delivery of sperm, then the analysis is more likely bad.And in the best case, the doctor will ask the question of how a man is ready to test, whether it is consumed alcohol, and then all questions will disappear by themselves, but only the patient will have to be tested again.In the worst case, the doctor without any clarification was put the wrong diagnosis.The consequences arising from this are clear.What exactly is the parameters affect alcohol at spermogramme?To do this, you need to understand what parameters are investigated first.

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semen parameters, which can influence alcohol

primarily men interested in those parameters that are responsible for the possibility of conceiving a child.


Therefore, the most important parameters, which emphasize in the diagnosis and sperm are affected by alcohol, are as follows:

The results of semen

  1. sperm volume.Normally, this amount should not be less than 3 ml.The lower figure shows that the fading of gonadal function.With regular use of alcohol this pattern is very common.In addition, there may be performance and exceeding the mark norms.
  2. color.In a normal ejaculate must be either white, or white with gray or yellowish tint.Alcoholic beverages (in particular dyes containing) ejaculate can change color, for example yellow.It should be noted, however, that this figure does not affect fertility.
  3. liquefaction time.Normally, the sperm must not liquefy for longer than 1 hour. But alcohol can increase this time, which is extremely negative impact on the possibility of conception.The relationship in this case is as follows: during prolonged liquefaction sperm need longer time to be moving.Accordingly, because of this, they are longer in contact with the acidic environment of the vagina, which significantly reduces the possibility of conception.
  4. viscosity of the ejaculate.Normally, it is about 0.5 cm. Alcohol can affect this option, although there are other reasons for such deviation.If the viscosity is higher than normal, it is difficult to move the sperm.Consequently, it decreases the possibility of fertilization.
  5. concentration of sperm in the ejaculate.Normally 1 ml of semen should account for 20 million or more sperm.The concentration may be higher than normal (if the doctor diagnoses polizoospermiyu) and below the norm (then diagnosed oligozoospermia).Alcohol can distort and this parameter, especially in men who regularly drinking alcohol.
  6. number of sperm.Normally, this number should be higher than 60 million. Alcohol dramatically reduces this figure, especially when abuse.This is one of the parameters from which depends directly on the ability of men to conceive a baby.
  7. Sperm Motility.Also very important parameter on which a man's ability to conceive a child dependent.There are several groups on the basis of sperm motility: A (active, linear motion), B (small mobility, the movement of rectilinear), C (low mobility, movement or rotational vibration), D (fixed).Alcohol directly and seriously affects the sperm motility.When alcohol abuse increases the risk of asthenozoospermia, ie the absence of spermatozoa in sperm motility.The more active sperm in the semen of type A, the greater the possibility to conceive, and vice versa.However, enough to drink alcohol and not every day that the parameters distorted and deteriorated.
  8. morphology of spermatozoa.It is a question of the relationship between the living and healthy sperm in the ejaculate.There should be at least 50% of the total number of sperm.However, alcohol is the most negative impact on this parameter: it is able to provoke the development of defective sperm, for example, without tail or head.Not only that such sperm can not move normally, but if it is a sperm to fertilize an egg, it will cause the birth of a child with a variety of developmental disabilities.


sperm Motility There are several other parameters that are studied at the semen analysis, but they are not as important in the issue of conception, as the above.Alcohol can distort any parameter in the ejaculate.In this case we are talking about the fact that if a person drinks alcohol occasionally and accidentally drank shortly before the test, in this case, incorrect test results will be of a relatively temporary.A man will be enough to properly prepare for the re-test, to refrain from drinking in advance - and analyzes are correct.

If a man abuses alcohol or drink regularly, but in small doses, or an alcoholic, then the temporary distortion of the results of the analysis are not talking.In this case, the analysis results are reliable and valid for the person and indicate that alcohol has broken all the work of his reproductive system.


However, a man enough to give up alcohol completely to the parameters of his semen began a few months later on the order closer to the norm.Physiology men designed so that sperm quality is often a violation of the process is fully reversible.