Treatment of varicocele : microsurgical testicular revascularization

treatment of varicocele: microsurgical revascularization of the testicle

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  • causes of varicocele in men
  • Treatment of varicose veins of the spermatic cord
  • Procedure microsurgical revascularization of the testicle
  • Possible complications after surgery

According to statistics, varicocele is one of the most common diseases of the male urogenital system, which affects about 13% of the stronger sex.The most effective method of treatment is surgery.

The problem of varicocele in men

If at the initial stage of the disease can do without surgery, then in the presence of pain in the groin area, diagnose male infertility and aesthetic defects, it is simply necessary.Among all the types of operations to remove a varicocele, one of the most common is a microsurgical testicular revascularization, of which more will be discussed.

causes of varicocele in men

varicose veins of the spermatic cord due to the increase in their pressure, thus causing plexus.There are 2 main factors that can cause a varico


  1. Heavy physical exertion - is one of the causes of varicocele weakness of vein walls.Body Building all men equally, but varicose found not everyone, because its main cause is poor valve veins, as a result of which they can not properly resist the reverse blood flow.Thus, an increase in venous pressure, which occurs during physical exertion, is transmitted back.This causes stretching of the veins, which form a plexus around the spermatic cord.
  2. One of the anatomical features of the male body is the location of the vessels in which one can squeeze another.Physiologically, this may be explained as follows: in the upright position of the body descends intestines, resulting in stringing mesenteric artery which clamps the left renal vein.Because of this, the pressure therein increases.In 80% of varicoceles occur on the left side, because that's left testicle Vienna falls into the renal vein.

Among the causes leading to the appearance of varicose veins is to provide:

  • heavy physical exertion;
  • lack of sex life with frequent erections;
  • wearing narrow linen;
  • various diseases that increase intra-abdominal pressure, thrombosis.
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Treatment of varicose veins of the spermatic cord

Blood test Effective treatment of varicocele conservative and traditional methods can not be .The only way out of this situation is the operation, the surgeon selects the type of which, based on the degree of the disease, the presence of a symptom, the patient's age and the risk of complications.

worth noting that the surgery is performed not in all cases, but only in the presence of certain indications:

  • infertility due to disorders of spermatogenesis;
  • development varicoceles in boys at an early age;
  • expressed clinical manifestations;
  • reducing the size of the testicle on the affected side by more than 15%.

approximately 2 weeks prior to surgery, the patient should begin preparing for it, in the course of which must pass some tests and pass certain examinations:

  • general urine and blood;
  • coagulation;
  • biochemical and clinical blood analysis;
  • a blood test for syphilis;
  • spermogrammu;
  • inspection therapist;
  • chest X-rays;
  • electrocardiogram.
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Procedure microsurgical testicular revascularization

Microsurgical revascularization to conduct operations in the lower abdomen inguinal canal parallel to the doctor makes an incision of 50-60 mm in length.

revealed layer by layer of the inguinal canal and cut output pathological Vienna in its entirety.At the same doctor at the same time highlights the epigastric vein portion of the venous plexus.

After this vein section is stitched into place testicular, and then the incision is closed.

This microsurgical operation is because you are using a special microscope, allowing the doctor to work comfortably and correctly install the epigastric vein.

Microsurgical revascularization surgery is the only physiological treatment of varicose veins of the spermatic cord, as after the blood circulation in the testicle is restored immediately, rather than after a few days, as in other operations.

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Possible complications after surgery

microsurgical varicocele surgery for treatment is the best kind of surgery.Despite its complexity and relatively high cost, patient testimonials, which it was carried out, it is extremely positive.In describing his state of health after surgery, patients ascertain decrease in the size of varicose veins immediately after the operation, although the final therapeutic effect occurs within 3-6 months.

The postoperative period in the clinic to identify the symptoms of complications No matter how well the operation was carried out, we should not exclude the possibility of some complications:

  1. limfostazom - stagnation or violation of lymphatic drainage from the testis through the lymphatic vessels.It can occur in the early postoperative period.The reason for its occurrence is considered to damage the lymphatic vessels ligation.
  2. Pain.This surgery is done to remove the pain and the reason for their appearance.Approximately 90% of the pain disappear, but 3-5% of patients in the postoperative pain occur in eggs, which can persist for months.
  3. hydrocele, that is the accumulation of serous fluid between the egg shells.The incidence of this side effect is 0.5-8%.
  4. testicular atrophy is the most dangerous complication that can occur when the random ligation of spermatic artery.

If no postoperative side effects were observed, the patient should undergo further medical examination is mandatory after 1 month, six months and 1.5 years after surgery.


In addition, for each case individually selected optimum load mode and preventive measures.Since the main reason for the transaction is available or likely male infertility, it is carried out periodically control sperm.

Microsurgical revascularization is difficult enough to hold both the patient and the surgeon, which somewhat limits the possibility of its application.However, it is a surgical procedure should be performed in all cases of varicocele, accompanied by severe pain in the scrotum or changes in semen analysis.All other operations can only aggravate the disease.

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