What are the reviews of the application of the drug sonizin ?

What are the reviews of the application of the drug sonizin?

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  • Why men suffer from prostate hyperplasia?
  • analogies from the animal world
  • symptoms
  • Sonizin as medicine
  • What are the reviews of the application sonizina?

One of the most common and troublesome diseases of terrorizing very many men, a prostate adenoma.The full name of this disease is as follows - benign prostatic hyperplasia.The disease is widespread among the age group of representatives of the strong half of humanity from the 50 years.The older men get, the disease affects more people.For example, at the age of 50 to 60 years, the disease manifests itself in every second.Even in the age group from 60 to 70 years old suffering from the disease, three of five men.Those who exchanged the eighth decade, BPH is diagnosed in 4 of 5 cases, and after 80 years - 9 out of 10 men doctors have to treat this pathology.

Prostate adenoma

If even comparatively recently with prostate hyperplasia fought exclusively operati

onal methods, exposing the patient to surgery, an alternative option was granted in the future pharmacologists, who is medical treatment of BPH.Such an approach has been made possible after the scientists have established active substances that relieve hypertonicity of the smooth muscle tissue that cover and protect the prostate.ARISING opportunity to help patients immediately began to be used to create on the basis of these active substances drugs.One of them is sonizin, reviews the use of which confirm its healing effect.

Why men suffer from prostate hyperplasia?

Age and a sedentary lifestyle - the main factors of development of adenomas Why men suffer from this disease, to explain simply.Because it is painful and it is difficult to go to the toilet.Pathology accompanied by a sharp pain in the bladder, lower back, headaches, increased blood pressure and other painful manifestations of varying degrees.Another thing is that the true causes of the pathological changes before the end of specialists are unknown.It is impossible to say with certainty that these or other factors lead to tumors as small, microscopic nodules on the prostate, which increase in size over the years, reaching a certain critical size, which is why there is a malfunction of the genitourinary system.But doctors have come to the conclusion that this age the probability of progression of BPH is very high.

With age, the level of the male sex hormone, testosterone, tends to decrease.Especially this contributes to an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle.Once a man has the level of this hormone in the blood is reduced, it replaces the female hormone - estrogen.Everything would be fine if the functionality of the prostate would not directly dependent on the level of free testosterone.The lower the level, the more likely the development of the pathology in the prostate.This gland appeared nodules begin to gain volume, which leads to painful symptoms and the patient to see a doctor after survey finds that he is suffering from adenoma.

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analogies from the animal world

Preventive ultrasound prostate One small observation, to clarify.It will be clear to those who have pets, especially cats and dogs, which do not release to the street.Several times a year, so animals are given pills and injections to eliminate their excitement, desire to males or females.Input in animal drugs reduce their hormone levels.Do this several times a year.In his old age (by the standards of the animals) in these individuals often find benign tumors.Their owners immediately raises the question of their origin, and the answer lies precisely in the regular artificial lowering of hormonal level of the animal.Since man is much more difficult.In many cases, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of long-term goals, improper diet leads to a whole range of diseases related to each other.BPH is not an exception.

Experts are unanimous in the view that the most effective to counteract the disease in its earliest stages.But to find it on these difficult stages - symptoms at the time when the pathology progresses.The prostate ultrasound can be performed as prophylactic measures.Especially it is necessary to take care of those who have close relatives suffered from this disease.Heredity in this matter is very important, and these men are at risk.In other words, this group includes all men, without exception, at the age of 50 years and more, as well as those men who have a bad heredity.

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Cystitis development in the initial stages of BPH Actually, the question arises, why it is difficult to diagnose the disease in its early stages?A problem is that the prostate itself is not directly produce any pain.It increases up to certain sizes, resulting in a number of organs being subjected to pressure.First exposed by the enlarged prostate urethra.Not having any desired elasticity, it immediately changes its diameter in longitudinal section in the areas of contact with the prostate gland.Following this phenomenon is a violation of urination.The urine from the body appears very ill, and there is its stagnation in the bladder.This encourages the development of such diseases is well known as pyelonephritis, cystitis, and also stimulates the formation of stones in the bladder.

Only with the passage of time, when the size of an enlarged prostate cause pathology of urogenital organs, the first symptoms.The first signal of this will be characterized by the fact that the process of urination will be held with some difficulty.The easiest way to detect the first symptoms is to pay attention to urination.If it passes with difficulty and for a complete emptying required voltage abdominal muscles, then to the urethra is not all right and need to see a doctor. Survey and skilled care at this stage to prevent the development of other diseases, and the emergence of other painful symptoms. problem is that urine stagnates in the bladder due to the inability to completely empty.Over time the number of residual urine increases, which leads to infections in the urinary system, stimulating the emergence and development of pathogenic processes of the internal organs.

You have to understand that it does not pass in vain for men health.The process of emptying the bladder passes harder, takes a long time, urine comes out drop by drop.And urination and ejaculation goes with pain.Further ignoring these symptoms leads to the fact that there is blood in the urine, and then the blood with pus.This man has a severe aching lower back, his temperature rises, overall health deteriorates.


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Sonizin as medicine

Sonizin Among the medicines, which are based on the active substance tamsulosin, there is such a drug as sonizin.His prescribed by a doctor who will diagnose benign prostatic hyperplasia.The drug is as follows.In these organs of the urogenital system such as the neck of the bladder, prostate and prostatic urethra, there is a smooth muscles, which form the postsynaptic adrenergic receptors.Sonizina action based on the fact that it performs its selective active substance blocking these receptors, thereby reducing the condition of said muscle tone.Because of this functionality is restored urinary organs, the urethra is freed from the destructive pressures and painful symptoms of BPH cease to torment the man.

Tamsulosin if it enters the digestive tract completely absorbed.Needless substance contained in capsules of 400 mg.It is recommended at a dose amount to eliminate the disease, given the fact that its absorption of passes in full.Furthermore, the substance has the same effect as the "first pass".This allows him to confidently pass transformation in the liver.Much of this substance in the blood remains unchanged, it is much worse reacted with alpha-adrenoceptors.Because of this selectivity drug equally affects both hypertension and those who have normal pressure, without producing blood pressure lowering effect.


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What are the reviews of the application sonizina?

drug has its side effects.Observations have shown that the drug must be carefully applied to those patients who have an acute or severe renal insufficiency.A similar approach requires the patients who suffer arterial hypotension including postural.A description of some use it in men suggests that they experienced headaches and dizziness.Reduces sexual desire, tachycardia was observed, increased frequency of contractions of the heart muscle, the patient experienced pain in the chest.In addition, patients in some cases, there retching, their sick, there is diarrhea, allergic reactions of the skin in the form of a rash, angioedema and itching.

action of this drug in most cases were observed during 10-12 days.If the pathology is not characterized by severe neglect, the healing effect comes quickly - in 6-10 days.In some cases, patients become better after the first capsule.But there are also comments that the drug does not help at all.Patients have complained that the doctors came to pass them substandard or counterfeit medicines.But it is not so.

Effect on the body substance such as tamsulosin, depends on the health of blood arteries - vessels.


If they are normal, the healing process is on schedule.However, with age, the state of these vessels is poor.Compounding the problem of alcohol abuse, tobacco and high-calorie food, which is having a devastating effect on the blood vessels.Reviews of overdose sonizinom absent.