How to increase the duration of sexual intercourse

Today, there are enough reasons both spiritual and physiological, because of which it is recommended to avoid ejaculation, orgasm while giving the brain, the heart and throughout the body with the help of "neeyakulyatsionnoy" energy.This is a very important fact in the stage of perfection of relations between man and woman.

If a man can not, for whatever reasons, to control this process, it is no it can not be reunited with a woman, both in spiritual and in physiological terms.A woman is well aware of the fact that it is subject to weaken a man, drain it or deprive him of his vitality.It is considered a real winner.At that moment, when a man is faced with ejaculation, it is thus summoned the woman a sense of disrespect.The woman on a subconscious level begins to feel that moment that this man is not worthy of her.It is the same relation to man is manifested in everyday relations.In addition, putting a question mark of his masculinity, it breaks his creative activity in the world.The woman begins to real

ize the weakness of man and the limits of their senses, but any woman would wear to the fact that such a test would make a man stronger.

man can not control this process until he understands that, even without ejaculation, it is possible to get an orgasm.Nevertheless, try to observe your state of health after ejaculation, and after a few days afterwards.If your daily routine at work is one continuous voltage, the ejaculation will be an excellent method of temporary relaxation and detente.But if you live purposefully and intelligently, you will accumulate with each successive day less and less stress and fatigue.And if so prodelyvat over a long period of time, the man begins to realize that the process of ejaculation only weakens and empties it.

All pleasure lasts only for a few moments.But the price of such a short sneeze - maloudovletvoritelnoe mood in your working routine.The man starts to notice that it lacks the optimism of life, so to speak, "gunpowder" for the shot.ejaculation process makes it possible to maintain a comfortable, but devoid of the joy of life.

Do this and you will realize that much better than the freezing front of the TV, rather than meditate or write novels.Do you have your own motives for what would lead a full life, but the ejaculation that deprives you of the powder for an active and happy life.That life itself, through which you will be able, in spite of not much to go through life with confidence and not paying attention to obstacles.Be sure that when you do this you will not be able to lose your gift.

to your woman all of these things completely clear.Possible and this option is that it is your process of ejaculation is somehow subject valor.This can satisfy only a specific time and usually it is a short period of time.It also can you say that it remains unsatisfied, for the reason that you do not ejaculate his sperm.But also, in this woman there is another side of the coin, which lies deeper and the order that says that if you ejaculation process happens quickly, then it will again not satisfied.There is a category of women who are able to sense orgasms one after another, and typically, each subsequent time will be even brighter.And what is most interesting, is the fact that the sexual life of almost any woman can not be accompanied by cardiac and emotional attachment to the hollow partner.

If you ejaculate, then you are at some point lose an erection, even if not long, but lose, and it annoys women.Since you deprive it possible to fully enjoy the whole soul oneness with you.But if you think that it is genital penetration turns per girl, you are deeply mistaken.With this task cope consciousness girl completeness of filling your consciousness.

all worth it to try.You agree that after several ejaculations in a row you will lose the desire to penetrate the woman.You will fully enjoy the peace and stress relief.You can also assume that you have lost any desire to penetrate the woman, both emotionally and physically.You will not be so interested in a woman, both before ejaculation.

Sometimes a woman may realize that she herself something missing.If a woman has not had sex with a man who is fully able to control yourself, it is not even aware of all the extent of its capabilities.For her still closed all the delights of the love of sexual intimacy.She had never before with the head did not dissolve in love.She had not yet surrendered to the man with all the available fullness, without any hint of secrecy.So she does not know what is really excited about sex to their full physical and emotional exhaustion.Love, openness everywhere - powerful and vital force in all directions.

nobody will be surprised by the existence of such problems as premature ejaculation.Familiar, worried.And both partners.Let's choose universal or suitable only to some, ways to extend sexual intercourse.

There is a myth about the mechanical containment of the eruption of the seed - the compression member of his fingers during intercourse.This is irrational.If such a manipulation and promotes Minor Outlying orgasm, it is only thanks to the auto-suggestion.In fact, you pinch the urethra and interfere with sperm, then fully come out.Because of this, in the prostate congestion occurs, which leads to the development of prostatitis.Beware of unverified information.

If you have tried already and so, and that, but the result is not satisfactory, once again advise you to consult a urologist and sexologist.

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