Circumcision for Muslims

Circumcision - or, simply, circumcision - a surgical procedure in which the cut off the foreskin of the penis.In general, the concept of "circumcision" itself appeared very long time ago, in the III century BC, and successfully carried out as a ritual rite in ancient Egypt.Then this ceremony did not newborns and old enough guy who was 14 or 17 years (each of the people in different ways).Symbolize the rite of entry into adulthood, there is a place in which sexual relations and thus, as it were, was given permission to marry.

In today's world, circumcision is made from a variety of reasons.Someone is social background, someone from the perspective of medical care, someone - religious.Today, circumcision is common to Muslims and Jews.

In the Muslim world, where Islam reigns, which is subject to the laws of all the people from small to large and include trembling, circumcision is precisely for religious reasons.The age at which circumcision is carried out, ranging from a newborn baby to 17 years of age.Al

so, according to the Qur'an, those who converted to Islam, should, regardless of age, also make circumcision.

national customs at the Turkish involves circumcision of boys from 8 to 14 years.The Persians make up to 4 years, and the Arabs from 5 to 14 years.In the Arab world, this age range is due to the fact that there are people in the tradition very much divided into urban and rural.The city used to do circumcision, but in the village - later, when the boy was growing up.

Although most true followers of the Prophet Muhammad doing their children circumcised on the 7th day.

After cutting people holding celebrations, congratulated the parents and it is believed that the child truly has become the path of Muhammad.Since parents do not always have the means to organize a celebration for the whole village, sometimes the money deposited with the child's birth and circumcision is also delayed until until a sufficient amount.From the point of view of medicine, it is necessary to try to avoid, because the adult child more difficult process of adaptation takes place after such an operation.

One of the interesting things is that the Qur'an itself does not describe anything about circumcision, but the Muslim tradition (hadith) to do the accent.

Usually in South-East Asia, circumcision is carried out by means of special clamps that are selected individually according to the size of the penis.Apart from hemostatics properties, clip and also has the ability to protect the wound is draining and the head member from possible cuts.If there is an opportunity to impose the cut flesh absorbable sutures of catgut strings.

More used a method called "Guillotine".Here hands as far pulled the skin of the foreskin is attached device that looks very reminiscent of real guillotine blade and falling rapidly cuts of the skin.

Typically, if the process proceeds without complications, the 10-year-enough to wound dragged on.

medical opinions on this issue diverge.Some believe it is unnecessary atavism, which has already moved to the "dead" tradition, while others - have expressed their opinion such an approach as a series of hygienic prevention of infectious diseases.

foreskin contains iron, which produces smegma - quite the biological nature of a viscous liquid, which in the normal healthy functioning of the body and should be developed.Smegma has the task humidifier to head of the penis, so that he is not dried out and cracked.But, like all the selection body - it's a great environment for the emergence of infection and propagation.

Muslims have always lived in countries with hot climates, so they have the risk of infection in an area increased significantly.Some people believe that circumcision and initially carried out for this reason, and only later it was included in religious ceremonies.