Circumcised Jews

world is arranged so that it is fraught with an unprecedented number of puzzles of unidentified objects and phenomena, unique items, the origin of which is not known until the end.There are new city, country, destroyed huge empire.Povstaet people against people, nation against nation.There is no equal in the world of nations and nationalities.Each has its own customs, rites, their culture, traditions and national symbols.Among the many number of nations, the Jews deserve special attention.Their tradition of the most unique and different from others, and the origin of some of them unknown until now.The greatest interest is the Jewish rite of circumcision.According to the Shabat, the shedding of blood is strictly forbidden, but circumcision is becoming the exception to the rule.

circumcision Jews amenable to the boys on the eighth day after his birth, however, the rite can be carried out on men of any age.

Circumcision fulfills both social and psychological function: the boy becomes a man, and a full-fle

dged member of society, has full social status.

Operation removal of the foreskin (or in other words, circumcision) is probably the most ancient and not unlike any other in the history of mankind.Circumcision is an integral part of Judaism and Islam.

Why do it on the eighth day, you ask?To this there are a number of reasons:

But if it so happened that on the eighth day of the circumcision not done due to poor boy's health (fever, rash, or jaundice), circumcision should be postponed and do on the seventh day after full recovery.But according to Jewish law if the mother died before the two children after circumcision, or it was her own sisters, circumcision is done only in adulthood (after the execution of thirteen), or not done at all.

According to Jewish law a boy of thirteen years of becoming fully responsible for their actions, and to live according to the laws, so if at that time he had not been circumcised, in the thirteen years he must carry out the procedure itself or fulfill it can Moheli (specifically taughthuman).

This procedure should be carried out during the day and not at night or in the evening.It is necessary to choose the time between sunrise and sunset.But it is recommended to do it early in the morning, without delay, as that can be done now in the early morning.

Jews perform circumcision specifically taught people - as it is called mohel (Moheli).It must always be a Jew, circumcised flesh.According to Jewish law this procedure should make his father (his father's commitment to his son).

If the father refuses to do so, the people believed that under the law, he may be punished by the shortening of life.But if the father is, for some reason can not fulfill its duty to his father, he helped other family members or very close relatives.

traditional circumcision is carried out in the synagogue after morning prayers.But the ego can be carried out at home and in the presence of obligatory ten people over the age of thirteen, who are family members.This day is a special occasion not only for boys but also for the whole family.Circumcision or holds the most important member of the family who knows how to do it, or specifically taught people.

When cutting using the traditional tools: sharp blade and a special knife.All the foreskin is cut sharp blade across the circle, then the blood vysmaktyvayut or mouth, or a special tube.It is important that the head of the penis and Borozna after the procedure were fully open.

foreskin during circumcision is completely removed and the head of the penis must be completely bare.If the foreskin or a portion closes Borozna (Borozna this part, which is on the border of the head and body of the penis), it is considered a boy not circumcised.

No anesthetics were used, and the seams do not overlap.On the penis only in individual cases superimposed special pressure bandage to stop bleeding (if strongly bleeds without stopping).After that, the boy's sexual organ sprinkled with a thick layer of powder rubbed the rotten wood.Then the boy give a traditional Jewish name, and congratulate the happy parents.

What is the foreskin, you ask?This is part of the penis, which serve to protect the head and mucous mochevika on external factors.It is also a special stock of the skin, which needs the penis during sexual intercourse to increase it.It is in prepuce skin contains a great number of receptors that are responsive to touch, which is one of the most sensitive, for example, as the fingertips.

And the head of the penis has a significantly lower sensitivity.Now it becomes clear why the removal of the foreskin increases the duration of sexual intercourse.The foreskin also contains cells that may respond to narrow and the temperature shift.At lower temperatures it is reduced, and the foreskin covers the head, performing a protective function.

circumcision among Jews - is not just a necessity, it is a religious rather than medical reasons.Circumcision marks the joining of man to the covenant between God and the Jewish people.

Medically hand, circumcision has a different point of view.Some believe that this is a very questionable process that does not have a scientific point of view and study, others on the contrary, believe that it is a very important procedure in the therapeutic and prophylactic ratio and recommend to distribute these operations.

very common it is believed that circumcision eliminates a number of diseases

main arguments against circumcision consider:

Without the past, as they say, is not the future.And if it is a tradition that faithfully guarded, transmitted to and stored for centuries and millennia, and then to break it is not necessary, as no one can predict the consequences.Opinions

people, medicine, science and culture is different, and the only person entitled to decide their fate!