Pros and cons of circumcision

Every man at least once in life, thought or wanted to do circumcision.This is not only a tribute to religion and culture, but also quite a reasonable step, which can not only help to avoid many diseases, improve the hygiene of the penis, but also increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

Of course, this procedure is not very pleasant, but the number of advantages that it will bring, will significantly exceed the number of all the disadvantages of its implementation.

There are also cases of extreme necessity of circumcision, but it is not as common, and the operation is usually carried out in childhood.

independently carry out circumcision is not recommended, because there is a very high risk of harm to a member of the highly important and hook the nerve endings.

If upstage all the religious and cultural aspects of the circumcision, we can formulate a quite objective reasons for the possibility of carrying out this procedure:

process of circumcision (in the CIS) carried out the old over the known

method - using a scalpel or scissors.The surgeon himself determines the amount of skin that needs to be cut.Once the foreskin is removed, closed with stitches that dissolve by themselves.

In contrast to the domestic technique, the foreign operations of the type carried out in a slightly different format.

In practice abroad, no such operation will not be carried out without the use of specially selected (individual) patterns.This will allow to be completely sure that the cutting of the foreskin does not suffer directly the penis.

Sometimes, but rarely, circumcision abroad is carried out by means of special clamps.The procedure of the "cut-off" can be described as follows: with clips patient foreskin overtighten and subsequently lack of blood at the point it starts to move away on their own.

Of course, to do this type of surgery without anesthesia unbearable.Most often dispense local anesthesia, but in rare cases resort to common.

In most clinics there is a separation:

After acted anesthesia (local or general), should be disinfection procedure.The penis is treated with a special disinfectant solution.After that, a thin wiring delay member of the foundation, and in the penis injected anesthetic.Most likely, it will prick with such substances as ubitezin, lidocaine or articaine.It is at this point, the patient may experience some pain or discomfort.After a shot successfully made in the skin, the foreskin is pulled strongly and fixed with special clamps.When ready, remove the skin and cut in a circle.Aside from this unpleasant moment, the whole operation is completely painless.

Oddly, but in the circumcision of the foreskin has a lot of positive moments.

cons of such phenomena as circumcision, there is not very much.The most basic are considered: