What if torn a bridle on a limb

It's no secret that a representative of the stronger sex especially cares for the health of the penis.It is not surprising, because from the genitals state depends not only on the ability of the child's conception, but also receiving pleasure during sexual pleasures.That is why every man should know what action to take when out on a limb torn frenulum.After all, such a development no one is immune.To understand this delicate matter we offer in our current publications.

So, the people are of the opinion that the frenulum of the penis is a sign of virginity men, so when it breaks after the first sexual contact, it is considered the norm.In fact, the skin connecting the male genitalia with a head, quite flexible and capable of lengthening.Therefore, when it is broken, it is a serious injury, which resulted in a number of complications can occur.That is why it is very important to take the necessary measures in time and prevent the development of pathologies.

Typically, defects in the male sex organs are i

nnate.But sometimes the fabric is damaged mechanically, with immoderate or too intense sex, due to lack of moisture the vagina women, as well as during sexual pleasures, when the lady caresses too hard manhood.If you look at the structure of the bridle, you can see that it is full of nerve processes, and blood vessels.That is why at break fabric man feels not only a lot of pain, but also marks a significant blood loss.As you may have guessed, in this case, can not do without the help of a qualified health professional.To at the wound site is not formed a strong scar, and the situation is not repeated again, you should immediately consult a doctor.Furthermore, it is important to note that this kind of damage to the penis can further impair erection, but also cause trauma.

It should also be remembered that each time you break the bridle is reduced in size, which again leads to a recurrence of injury.Moreover, short fabric significantly hinders the process of sexual intercourse, causing pain with the introduction of the penis into the vagina.Yes, and the fear that the gap can be repeated again, as a rule, stops in front of the men sex.That's why, even with a congenital pathology bridle urologists strongly recommended to perform surgery to correct the defect and the foreskin as soon as possible.

Frunulotomiya or plastic penis tissue is cutting the bridle and then stitching it.Today, a similar operation is carried out quite often.Painful sensations it brings.

So, let's consider what steps need to be taken in this case.Firstly, do not panic and try to calm down, even if you have opened the bleeding.Second, call an ambulance and the most clearly explain the situation.And, thirdly, is going a doctor, try the following:

Now you know what to do if torn a bridle on a limb.Still, we recommend you to be extremely cautious and avoid such trauma.

Take care of yourself and do not get sick!