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Zinc for Men

It sometimes happens that a lack of big picture just one element makes it incomplete.That is the role played by the human body trace elements, neglect of which can affect the big health problems, especially in old age.And the most important element for men is zinc.

For the full development of the male body zinc is extremely necessary, since its deficiency sex glands and genitals may remain undeveloped.In the future, zinc contributes to the constant activity of the sperm and is responsible for hormonal balance.This element also has a suppressive effect on those enzymes that may cause prostatic adenoma.

But the need of zinc not only focuses on the features of the male body, it promotes a high level of immune defense.This is especially important during periods of viral infections, because then a lot quicker activation of protective antibodies cells.

zinc feature to normalize blood sugar levels by producing insulin is especially helpful to men who suffer from diabetes.

The fact that your body is experien

cing a serious shortage of zinc, will signal the rapid deterioration of vision.Also, this trace element will contribute to the rapid adaptation of the eyes to the darkness.

Like vitamin C, zinc is an excellent antioxidant and promotes the breakdown of free radicals in the body.Together with the B vitamins it contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, which means a high level of stress and lack of irritability.Thus, zinc prevents the possibility of occurrence of depression.

For men who experience enhanced physical activity, the presence of zinc will ensure normal muscle contractility.

To maintain normal zinc and prevent its deficit, it is necessary to eat, and above all on the table have to be every day the products that they are rich.

It makes no sense to focus on the fact that a healthy diet today is not held in high esteem in most men as natural products do not have such a rich taste and nutritional value, as the numerous fast food.Also, men rarely think that they are eating, and how it will affect their health.This fault is not so much they as their entourage, who from the very childhood, they adopt the tastes and rules of conduct.

In the same way the men are no longer stick to any physical exertion improving character, which also leads to a rapid deficiency of zinc.

As a result, cardiovascular diseases, and prostate diseases manifest themselves in quite a young age.And as such a disregard for their own body Thunderstorm sexual dysfunction even before reaching the middle-aged men.

So what foods should eat men is mandatory, to even think of such problems.

first step is to determine the daily rate of zinc - for men it is 15-20 mg.You can define your diet, taking into account such data:

But the richest zinc product, only 10 grams which bring man to the necessary daily norm - oysters.Since too small percentage of those who can not afford to eat every day this delicacy, you can successfully replace it with a more conventional meal: 130 grams of beef liver or 150 grams of pumpkin seeds will bring as much benefit and will cost much cheaper.

should also take into account the fact that the heat treatment product a certain amount of zinc volatilized and those that can be eaten raw, and it should eat.

Zinc perfectly absorbed by interacting with vitamin A, as well as calcium and phosphorus, and therefore to achieve the objective should be to combine foods rich in these nutrients.

When taking into account the above-mentioned products for their inclusion in the diet, it should be remembered that the zinc is in excess of the daily rate, not stay in the body, and therefore it is not necessary to try to use them in large numbers.

Of course, no one is immune from certain diseases and keep track of the fact that all the necessary material contains your usual food, it is simply impossible.This at first may be in the order of things, but to calculate the daily rate of certain elements in food consumption on a daily basis for the normal man is unbearable every time.The same is true of zinc, and it is because we are trying to help you avoid its deficiency in the body.

Next, consider the basic symptoms that would signal that the zinc is extremely necessary for an organism:

Who is aware - is forearmed.This postulate is perfectly suited in this case.Follow your health will always troublesome thing, but if it does not become the norm.Then you do not have to constantly calculate with the calculator, how many grams of a product need to eat for a week, month, year.

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