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Useful properties of parsley for men

healthy lifestyle in any way guarantee the excellent state of health and the years ahead.However, this is difficult to stick to it when there are so many culinary temptations.Because if you set to change their way of life, which brings you only disappointment is, you should start with small steps even - add parsley to your diet.

Parsley, as usual, is perceived as a decoration to a salad or dish and due attention has not been given.And for good reason.After all, in addition to its taste, it can give a man something more.

fact that parsley contains a special ingredient - apigenin.It suppresses the hormone estrogen, which is a female and a surplus in the male body is extremely undesirable.Excess estrogen is fraught with changes in physiological and psychological in nature: a man becomes effeminate, decreases potency, in the eyes of the opposite sex, it looks unattractive.

parsley Extra points earned in that it contains a lot of useful substances:

Besides lowering estrogen levels, parsley increases bo

th testosterone, which is the main male hormone.A small bunch of parsley, eaten each day, greatly enhances the sexual performance as a man, and his libido.This happens due to the properties of the plants affect the blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

This involves not only the leaves but also the root.It can be eaten, but often it is used as an auxiliary medical equipment - helps with diseases of the genitourinary system in men.Accordingly, the use of preventive measures parsley to become an excellent means against a possible prostatitis, which is important, because today it is not only ill older men and young people up to 30 years.

healing power of parsley will help to cope with such problems:

Parsley can be eaten whole, even with the root, although often used for this purpose stems and leaves.Like any other edible plant, parsley most useful fresh.When cooked, even when cutting, it loses almost half of its beneficial properties, so keep that in mind.Also important is the fact whether parsley grown naturally or with various nitrates.It is because in the season is better to trust are not familiar market, and the market in which you buy with it naturally grown plant.

Since greenery fleeting season, it is possible to prepare for the future parsley.To do this, just enough to dry it, grind into powder and used as a condiment for any ordinary dishes.Fresh frozen parsley also retain most of its properties that allow you to use it all year round.

decoction of parsley helps those who want to lose weight, since the entire 100 ml promote a strong feeling of satiety.So drunk before eating broth will help to lower the volume of the meal eaten.

Regular consumption of parsley juice will help people with weak or deteriorating vision and knowledge workers, as it has beneficial effects on the brain.

Good to combine parsley with another very useful for men vegetables - celery.Grate the celery, carrots and turnips, season with butter, salt, lemon juice and, of course, fresh chopped parsley.In the summer, eat a salad most common problems with potency and you never touch.

Of course, not everything is so simple and parsley can harm your body if you do not know the steps in her hand.For normal operation of the body the excess amount ingested vitamins and minerals are also adversely affected as their shortage.But in the case of parsley primary damage causes increased in this case, the concentration of myristicin, which in small amounts will not cause harm.Otherwise, there may be nausea, headache, severe agitation and even hallucinations.Even if it seems fantastic, but it is better do not be tempted yourself for strength.

Yes and excessive use of the same product may soon develop its persistent rejection.Stay in the normal 50 grams - this is one small bundle.You can just eat it raw or used in cooking throughout the day.But do not use pre-cut stems and leaves, if they are in this form are more than 2 hours - in this case emit dangerous substances that can lead to intoxication.

Despite the fact that some sources parsley listed as an excellent tool in the presence of kidney stones, it is better not to tempt fate, as it can trigger the movement of stones.

all useful that in the measure - this truth is valid for parsley.If you are not at risk and want to improve or simply maintain their sex life is normal, then pay special attention to this tasty plant.