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The beneficial properties of garlic for men

Garlic More from ancient times was considered a very powerful catalyst for many metabolic processes in the body.It is often included in the composition of many modern and traditional dishes.And last but not least due to the fact that he is a very good agent of appetite and can enhance the taste of any dish.

garlic for medicinal purposes is used widely: from cosmetics to tools for male potency.It is difficult to underestimate the benefits.It is very useful for men's health and helps in solving many problems of the male, has a good set of qualities and is widely used by people all over the world, helping many ailments, having a very low cost.

Regarding contraindications, they are very few - mostly they relate to problems with the stomach, kidneys and liver.

Before you start using it for medicinal purposes, it is necessary to hold a small consultation with your doctor and make sure there are no contraindications.

Garlic - is a very useful product that has a positive effect on the entire human body.It as

sists and the human nervous system due to the high content in it of vitamin B1 (thiamin, doctors call it).

Thiamine or Vitamin B1 - is a substance without which the nervous system can not function properly.B1 is so important because it provides all the energy processes in the body cells and is involved in the processing of glucose.

Thiamine is very sensitive to light and high temperatures.These two phenomena are able to destroy it.

to the body fell as much as possible the amount of vitamins and minerals that are found in garlic, then it simply should be consumed raw.

Every childhood is known that when there is a feeling of weakness from a cold, the first thing you need to eat a clove of garlic.This is a great help in the treatment and prophylaxis of acute respiratory viral infections.

This product contains substances that are effective in killing viruses and bacteria:

It is worth paying attention to the fact that garlic is able to actively deal with various intestinal infections.This is a very effective method is to neutralize the negative effects on the body in the case of, for example, you drink untreated water or eating stale, poor quality food.

In any case, a large number of different infections and parasites that trigger the emergence of intestinal infections, but the antiseptic properties of garlic can reduce the risk of disease or poisoning of an organism can be concentrated in many foods.To prevent this kind of problem you just need to eat one clove before serving food.

To prevent the development of common cold and acute respiratory diseases, you need to take garlic juice.As a general rule, it should not drink and bury into the nose.We must remember that the burning product, especially in concentrated form, is capable of irritating the nasal mucosa.

If we talk about the benefits of garlic for the liver and joints, it is necessary to recall that it is concentrated in a large amount of sulfur.That sulfur compounds as allicin, facilitate the synthesis of the amino acid methionine.This amino acid - this is a very strong gepaprotektor.This substance is an active part in the work of cartilage in the joints.Most recommend taking garlic to people who are ill with arthritis and hepatosis.

Another useful feature, which is endowed with this little vegetable, - stimulation of release of bile.This means that it must be used together with the fatty and heavy dishes, which are poorly digested.

addition, garlic is very rich in components such as:

All of this is a certain cocktail of vitamins and minerals that need to be taken in the fall and spring transition period.

important to remember that garlic has a favorable effect on the body of people who suffer from high blood pressure.This is because it is able to expand blood vessels, which leads to a decrease in pressure.

Dermatologic alone garlic - is nonsense.It is not self-medication, as an additional tool in the fight against various diseases and a great way to strengthen the immune system.

Very often, experts recommend to consume garlic as a means of preventing heart attack and stroke.He is actively fighting with the prevention of blood clots, making blood less viscous.This fact is confirmed by a number of different medical research.

In addition, allicin - it is also a powerful antioxidant.This suggests that regular consumption of garlic can significantly reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Well, and that is important: it is an excellent remedy for men.Because of its positive properties it is able to expand the blood vessels and increases blood circulation, which is very positive effect on male potency.Therefore, experts recommend adding garlic in your daily diet.

Most people believe that the most harmful properties of garlic is that it is not very pleasant smell.Unfortunately, this is not the only case where it can harm the human body.

There are not a very large list of diseases for which use a sharp vegetable prohibited:

Pregnant and lactating women is highly recommended to refrain from the use of garlic for the whole period of pregnancy and lactation period.

There were times when the use of garlic has led to the emergence of a human epilepsy attack.Fortunately, such cases are rare.

Since this product strongly stimulates the appetite, it will provide a lot of inconvenience to people who are on a diet or who gutted the diet due to medical advice.

British researchers concluded that garlic contains a poisonous substance, which, by their action can be equated with dimethyl sulfoxide.It is believed that this substance can cause headache, inattention and distraction.

course, this is not yet fully confirmed, but take note of this will not be superfluous.

garlic to not lose their useful properties, it is not necessary to bring a heat treatment, and it is best to eat it raw.

To choose the right vegetables, pay attention to its physical dimensions.There is an opinion that the smaller head of garlic, the more dramatic flavor it will have.This is an erroneous assumption.Quite the contrary - the smaller the head, the softer and more pleasant to the taste.

Buy garlic is only when there is every reason to believe that he is hard and dry.Otherwise - the purchase and further use should be abandoned.Check the hardness is very easy - just press on the finger head of garlic.If he's selling, it means that it defective.

If garlic wet, it directly implies that he had already begun to rot.

should be remembered that it is not recommended to pluck it before his term maturing in the case of vegetable cultivation in the home.This can lead to premature spoilage in the future.

If garlic cloves have begun to sprout - use a garlic in food can not be.

Regarding the proper storage of garlic, here it is worth mentioning that it is not recommended to store in direct sunlight, high humidity and high temperature.The storage location must be well ventilated and dry as possible.Otherwise, the garlic begins to rot very quickly and become unsuitable for its further use.