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Onion Benefits for Men

Since childhood, all accustomed to the idea that the onion is very useful and it is necessary to have.Some have taken this fact and started to do it, and some did not love him.Absolutely nothing.

parents did not lie - the bow really is very useful, it is a natural antibiotic, which not only promotes good metabolism in the body, good for the skin and digestive system, but also is an excellent catalyst for sperm production and natural fighter against impotence.

Onion has virtually no contraindications, it is very easy to buy in any store or on the market, use it not only useful, but tasty, and in the appendage and it is not enough.All these factors have become fundamental to his popularity among many people, and women in particular.

Bow has a unique number of positive properties:

As for the harmful properties or contraindications, then there is not much to say.It is contraindicated only for those people who have an allergy to it.

Unfortunately, time mercilessly.Do not have time to look the person as

he goes forties.During this period, especially after reaching 56 years of age, some men begin with the sexual organs.More specifically, in our days is considered to be the most common disease of the prostate adenoma.To speed up the treatment of this disease, you need to take advantage of such recipes described.

Recipe 1

For this recipe you will need: onion peel, water.Method: take a bit of onion peels (handful) and wash it thoroughly.After washing, peel pour 750 ml of water and boil.After some time the need to decant the husk and clean, while leaving only the broth.It will be similar to pure black tea (dark brown).Here's the congee and should be taken three times a day for one hundred grams.It is desirable for half an hour before meals.Take this folk remedy recommended for one month.

Recipe 2

following recipe is more like a kind of onion diet.A diet designed for a month.And it looks like this:

This three-day diet should be alternated with a strong cyclical.Exactly thirty days should be visible results of treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

onion peel is an excellent remedy for lowering blood pressure, purification of the vessels, as well as rid the body of various toxins.

Recipe 3

But directly onions are often recommended for the problem of kidney stones.In order to prepare the following folk remedy for kidney stones, need ingredients such as sugar, onion and water.First you need to clean up about 400 grams of onion (you can take and a pound).Peeled onions need to chop and mix with sugar.Now you need to shift the mixture in an enamel bowl and allow to boil (you can add a little water).Then all that you need a lot of strain and divided into four equal parts (as far as possible).Take the resulting onion mixture should be from eight o'clock in the morning until eight at night in four sets.If we divide into three portions, the stones will come out bigger.

Recipe 4

The following recipe will be useful not only for adults but also for children who have caught a cold.Cooking method is to finely chop the onion (you can grind in any other way), sprinkle with sugar and pour honey, and eat immediately (until melted granules of sugar).This tool is very effective, so those who can not tolerate the smell of onions, just have to overcome yourself.How valid this mixture?The thing is that the onion and honey (sugar) provoke profuse sweating, which perfectly removes toxins from the body, which means that the next morning the condition is greatly improved.

Recipe 5

Bow very cool fighting with possible infections in the presence of wounds.All that is needed is to clean the bulb from the peel and finely chop it, mush wrapped in gauze and applied to an open wound.If the wound has already begun to fester, the onion juice will penetrate into the wound and pull out like pus and dirt.

Recipe 6

To cleanse the body of various types of contaminants, including toxins, it is necessary to grind a pound of onions.It is necessary to add a little, three hundred grams, crushed garlic.Now, these two ingredients, you can pour half a liter of apple cider vinegar.The mixture should be left for ten days.After 10 days it is necessary to add one kilogram of honey.The mixture is then mixed thoroughly and consumed 4 teaspoons once daily.Thus it is necessary to keep an interval of two minutes, you have to drink one teaspoon every four minutes.Better this infusion does not dilute.As a result, the body is perfectly cleansed and healthier.