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Increased sweating in men : Causes

Most men in the world, one way or another, have to sweat.It is quite normal for the human body, which only helps it to function.

But there are people who suffer from sweat more than any other.This is mainly men who suffer from hyperhidrosis.

This disease is manifested in the causeless sweating or as a result of even minor stress or excitement.

This disease is almost not treated, so men should very closely monitor the state of their nerves and worry to a minimum.Besides suffering from hyperhidrosis should be very strong to take care of personal hygiene, and the sweat can cause irritation and skin problems.

All people sweat, and the process is completely natural and normal for the human body.

main function of sweating is the thermoregulation of the human body and the excretion of excess moisture.

Any healthy person sweating may occur as a result of high physical exertion or as a result of long-term presence in conditions of high ambient temperature of the space.

If a person sweats systematically, th

e phenomenon is called hyperhidrosis.

It usually occurs when a person:

This phenomenon brings a person a lot of problems both domestic and physical and social character.

As for excessive sweating, then there should be allocated to these two kinds of phenomena:

In addition to these two types, there is also a local sweating, which is manifested in a particular area of ​​the body, and the total, iein which the entire body starts to sweat.

The most common causes of excessive sweating in men are considered:

When excessive sweating, even with a slight level of excitement and stress, start sweating hands, underarms and feet.

If a man suffers from hyperhidrosis, then he must be particularly scrupulous in hygiene, as an abundance of sweat can cause skin problems.

To begin actively combat excessive sweating men, you must make sure that this is not a pathological phenomenon.If a man for a long time in a closed, poorly ventilated room in which, besides and hot, the appearance of sweating completely normal reaction.

Any fever premises or hot climate will lead to the appearance of sweating, especially if the man in such conditions is working physically.

In cases where there are in addition to the sweat and symptoms such as fever, cough, headache, fever, abdominal pain, it is a clear signal of the disease and without the expert can not do.It is worth to go for a visit to the doctor, if excessive sweating is not associated with any of the above symptoms and causes.

course, to deal with hyperhidrosis can be their own.You should begin with an ordinary personal body hygiene.That is to take a shower at least twice a day (morning and evening).

During washing under a shower, experts advise to use anti-bacterial and deodorizing agents.It can be several times a week, and to resort to the use of scrubs (but locally, in places sweating).It should be recalled that it is possible to use a scrub or exfoliating only if the skin is not damaged.Problem locations can be disinfected tar soap.It is great to cleanse the skin and dries it.In the hot season (summer) welcome the soul can be involved, but do not use soap when it means.

When hyperhidrosis need to fight with another unpleasant thing - the smell of sweat.Using such preparations that contain substances that are capable of blocking sweating (antiperspirants), only after the soul, that is, to put them on a clean skin.

To ensure correct exposure antiperspirant to the skin, you need to take a contrast shower (it is also recommended to men who suffer from hyperhidrosis due to stress and increased nervous excitability).

Particular attention should be paid to everyday clothes and bedclothes.It is better to choose the clothes and underwear made of natural fabrics.Synthetics will provoke the appearance of an unpleasant smell, which is not vystiryvaetsya.From fitting clothing should also be avoided.Talking about shoes, it should be of a suitable size and made of leather.

important to pay attention to the power of a man with excessive sweating.In this case, it is useful to limit the use of hot spices and dishes.According to research, such as the seasonings: curry, cumin, garlic, black coffee, black tea, cola.

should also exclude and chocolate.

is possible to resort to medical treatment, but it may appoint a doctor only.With increased excitability, which provokes profuse sweating, sometimes prescribe sedatives.

More bad helps get rid of excessive sweating Botox injections.Validity injections for six months to liberate man from the problem of hyperhidrosis.

from sweating can help, and surgery.If the problem is localized in the underarm area, the experts suggest to make liposuction (local), and in the case of facial sweating palms or advise endoscopic sympathectomy.

Traditional medicine also took care of the men suffering from hyperhidrosis.Among the popular recipes there are so many different lotions, compresses, baths on the basis of medicinal herbs.The secret herbs that they have tannic or astringent effect.It is such components as: