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Peeling of the skin on the face of men

attractive appearance of the man - it is a healthy facial skin.Redness, ulcers, irritability, itching, peeling sometimes temporary.And in this period the power of the strong half of decreases: reduced self-confidence and self-esteem.Man begins complexes about unhealthy person.What are the causes of skin peeling?What if she shelled?

It should be noted that the skin unlike male female much better protected from external influences.So rarely causes peeling at a strong half can be the sun and the wind.

But frequent use of soaps such reason may be because it is a mixture of oils and caustic.Alkali cleans well, but it just washes away excess upper leather ball.That he has recovered, you need at least a couple of hours.During this period, male skin is vulnerable to bacteria and therefore starts to peel off.

This occurs more often when you use poor-quality, cheap soap.It is best to use for washing wetting agents in the form of a gel or liquid soap.

more serious cause of skin peeling may be an infection: bact

erial, viral, fungal.Sometimes the state of men's skin appear and internal medicine.Peeling is a symptom of many skin diseases.That is why you need to immediately seek help from a dermatologist.Only to establish the cause of peeling correctly, you can fix the problem quickly and competently.

Usually peeling faces of the men observed in diseases such:

So, the first thing that should be taken - go to a dermatologist.Initially, the doctor will examine you visually.If necessary, send to laboratory diagnostics and skin mikrovideodiagnostiku.After the final diagnosis, therapy and appoint a dermatologist prescribes the necessary medications.

When signs of disease have been identified and the cause of peeling are wrong food or soap, it is possible to fix the problem and at home.peeling usually occurs with a deficit of vitamins of group B. They are contained in rice and vegetables, fish and chicken, nuts and eggs, dairy products and bread.Therefore it is necessary to enrich the diet of these products.Of course, you can drink and multivitamin for healthy skin, but the natural vitamins from food are digested much more quickly and efficiently.

Against diet changes should be done and the number of cosmetic procedures.Start with the acquisition of high-quality moisturizing soap.Make exfoliation of honey and salt in a ratio of 1: 1.Please apply a hot compress to the face in the form of a towel and then apply the above composition to the skin, massage it gently and rinse.After this manipulation is required to apply to the skin olive oil.Pomassazhiruyte and leave for 30 minutes.It contains vitamins A and E, which are considered to be in cosmetology and beauty vitamins catalysts skin health.Perhaps they, too, are missing in your daily diet.

can at night, after cleansing the skin, lubricate the face of high-quality butter.

If you do not want to resort to traditional medicine recipes that are longer than the drugs of conventional medicine, you can try to use pharmaceutical drugs.An effective means of combating skin peeling agents are men on the basis of dexpanthenol.Most likely, the dermatologist will prescribe them to you and not finding serious diseases in the body.Foam-spray is recommended to smear the face three times a day until the disappearance of symptoms of peeling.

So, peeling is a solvable problem, provided the timely start of treatment.

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