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Skin care for men

Leather representatives of a strong half of mankind is not less in need of care than women, and has its own characteristics.And it is not true that it is only enough for daily washing with soap and water.Thus, we consider how to competently take care of a male person.

all representatives of a strong half can be divided into 2 types: fans of a variety of care products for face and his opponents.The first is much less.

Men's skin is different from women's in that it is more rough.It is much less collagen and elastin content.It is for this reason that men wrinkles appear much later, and ultra-violet rays (the sun) do not bring great harm to the epidermis.But the skin

representatives of a strong half of mankind are more inclined to fat content.The reason - a lot of sebum, large pores, more active development of sebum under the influence of testosterone emissions.With age, testosterone levels decrease with fat cover, it turns into a drier.However, before the man's face needs particular care.A more intensi

ve in its body produced prostaglandins, which are hormone-like substances.They provoke redness, inflammation, rashes.Skin men are more susceptible than women, and one of the causes of this phenomenon is to shave regularly.It destroys the lipid film, which serves as the skin's natural protection.

Somehow, the word "care" in men is associated with long delays.Perhaps the reason is that women devote much time yourself, and men think that too much time would be needed to care for their skin.But it is not so.And special means for this to buy a lot do not have to like and learn the instructions for use.

It should be noted that the composition of the female and male cosmetics tangible difference does not matter.A bright packaging design, aromatic fragrances are just an example of traditional marketing.Moisturizers and other properties of the same effect on women's and men's skin.Therefore navigate in purchases of cosmetics should be in the majority on the skin type (dry, oily So Men's Skin Care -. Important part of creating a positive image, presentable appearance After all, for him the first impression about the representatives of the strong half of humanity


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