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How to remove fat from the abdomen in men

belly fat in men after 25 is very common.The reasons can be a great multitude, but it does not justify the large stomach and possible subsequent health problems.

To avoid becoming a victim of obesity in the abdomen and other parts of the body should be thoroughly relate to diet, right eat, play sports and lead healthy lives.

Otherwise, it can lead not only to poor appearance, but also harm men's health.This can result in problems with the stomach and the cardiovascular system.

appearance of the abdomen in men is associated with a large number of reasons, among which:

diet of belly for men is more gentle than alternative women's weight loss diet.Sometimes, women are even jealous of the wide range of products and the permissibility of men diet.For example, if we talk about alcohol, the men's diet does not prohibit the boys to drink alcohol, but beer should be discarded, while the women's diet from the stomach completely prohibits the use of any kind of alcohol.In addition, men are allowed to not to ex

clude from the diet products such as butter, salt and pepper, though abated their number still have.

As a rule, men diet of the stomach is designed to month.But if the man does not experience obvious signs of drowsiness, lethargy, lack of strength and depression, such a diet is allowed to renew up to two or even three months.Just when it is added to the diet a little more vitamins and diversify it.

have any diet has its own requirements for men and diet of the abdomen - is no exception.In addition to eating certain foods, this diet involves an active lifestyle, move more, spend more time outdoors and work harder.

Speaking of men's diet menu from the stomach should be remembered that the total number of calories should not exceed 1600-1800 per day, that is not cross line diet.

What can men drink during the diet?Danae diet does not prohibit use such drinks, as a traditional morning coffee, tea, juice, fruit or vegetable juice.The only rule is that all of these drinks should not contain sugar, but you can still treat yourself to a small amount of alcohol (if the diet coincided with a period of holiday and so on. D.).

Of course, there are some limitations.For example, you can not eat during the diet products such as:

What else there is no limit.Man is free to cook any dish, as long as it did not consist of the prohibited ingredients.

Male body during the diet, as a rule, begins to lose weight is with the abdomen.This occurs only on the condition that it was developed as a medium in the legs and in arms.But, unfortunately, it happens in a different way.For this reason, the following describes an example of belly diet for men.

So, the usual breakfast in the diet may look like one of the below described embodiments.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

Option 5:

Option 6:

Option 7: vegetables, steamed, stewed or boiled.

Option 8:

Option 9:

Option 10: boiled or steamed seafood.

Lunch menu should consist of first and second dishes.The first dish can be similar to one of the embodiments described below.

second course options may look like this:..

Serving Size everyone should pick up in person, taking into account the way of life, especially built, the length of the working day and the specific work, etc. It is not necessary to choose larger portions.Better to take the average.For example, a piece of meat can be in the range of 100-120 grams and vegetables - 250-350 grams.From the first course can be dispensed with and replaced by, for example, on a salad.It is very useful to eat during lunch and a few nuts or dried fruits.

Speaking of dinner, it may be as follows:

Sometimes it happens that I want much bite in the middle of the day.In this case it is necessary to think about the regular afternoon tea.It may consist of:

Ends diet as less high-calorie foods.Experts do not recommend to eat a lot in the last 48 hours of belly diet.And on its completion, is to give up fatty foods and fast food.

Such dishes that man ate during dety can periodically include in its normal daily diet.

Diet from the stomach has a positive effect on the entire body.Thanks to her, you can pull up the figure, improve digestion and metabolism.

But and this diet has its drawbacks.For example, it is too varied and not strict.This means that it will act differently for each man.

In addition to the diet, a very important role in the fight against excess fat on the abdomen play exercise.They allow the most efficient fight the fat deposits in the abdominal area.

methodology for conducting this kind of narrowly focused exercise there is quite a lot.

To avoid confusion in their abundance, it is recommended prodelyvat next set of exercises: