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Acne Facial for men

facial skin of men as women, may also encounter such troubles as pimples, acne and irritation.So protect yourself from this trouble, alas, it is very difficult.However, if you know, for some reason most often occur on the face of acne, it is possible to successfully deal with them.Moreover, it is important to note that the spots do not themselves appear no reason, however, depending on the area of ​​the face, on which most of them, can find out that the body is not so.

Well, let's find out why pimples occur on a particular area of ​​the face.

First, some interesting statistics and information.Thus, spots - a malfunction of the sebaceous glands located in the skin.Quite often, pimples appear in adolescence, puberty in males - in 14-19 years and "take place" on the face, chest and back.Moreover, we note that it was the young man is much more likely to suffer from this disease.Naturally, acne does not life threatening, but deliver a lot of trouble.Pimples are 30-40% of boys and girls.With age, the prevale

nce of acne is declining.For example, acne is found in 20% of women and 5% of men aged 20-25 years and 40 years of age - only 5% of women and 1% of men.

now more about acne at each of the areas of the face.

inflammation and pimples on the forehead often arise from the fact that in this area of ​​the face contains a huge amount of sweat and sebaceous glands.That is why when the sebum is produced in excess of, it appears on his forehead shine and inflammation of acne.Moreover, the cause of heavy eruptions on the forehead may be a malfunction of the stomach and pancreas.Acne

the lips not only occur with herpes, but also because of the failure of the digestive tract.So if you recently concerned about pain in the stomach, bowel disorders, constipation, etc., in addition to the lips constantly "pours", then you should definitely see a doctor.Moreover, it is sure to enrich your diet with food that contains high amounts of vitamins, and try less nervous.

On the nose acne is most often formed in men whose skin is prone to fat content and wide pores.Also, the reason may be, and the slightest failure in the body, poor diet, frequent stress and constant lack of sleep.

note that men pimples on the face often occur when the inflamed hair follicle.The fact is that during a shaving small can enter the wound bacteria, which in turn cause inflammation.

also pimples on the face in men are due to other causes, such as:

To the problem of acne treatment should be approached comprehensively, so it is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle and apply cosmetics to help halt the disease or reduce its external manifestation.

So complex acne treatment consists of such items as:

Let's look at each of the points in more detail.

addition to facials do not forget that the health of the skin also depends on the internal state of your body.Be sure to rest a sufficient amount of time, sleep at least 8 hours a day, eat foods rich in vitamins, and try not to be nervous.Of course, smoking and alcohol abuse should be minimized, if you really want to forget about acne.

To minimize the appearance of acne after shaving follow these simple guidelines like:

We hope our recommendations will help you in the fight against acne, and very soon you'll notice very good results.

Good luck!