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How to gain weight man

On the question of how to gain weight, the answer is simple - eat more high-calorie foods, but the result of such a diet will sag and excess belly fat throughout the body, or the person can not get better.Therefore, it should be understood that for a set of muscle mass need a complex which includes not only diet and exercise.In addition, it is important to balance your diet so that the body received sufficient amounts of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.Drink adequate amounts of clean water.Eating must be on schedule, as well as sleep and wake up at a certain time, and to give the body time to rest.Because muscle mass grows best during the holidays.It is also important to avoid stressful situations, as they have a negative impact on weight.Only strict adherence to the rules of weight gain will help get the desired result.

To achieve the desired results as quickly as possible and do not harm the body, you must follow a few rules:

For a set of muscle mass in the first place necessary protei

ns, vitamins and minerals and energy.Protein is the building blocks for muscle.Often people do not have enough of it in his diet because modern foods contain large amounts of fat and sugar.In addition, the body needs energy for workouts.Carbohydrates are an energy source.And, of course, need micronutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals.

main products for a set of muscle mass:

also for weight gain is important to choose the right daily diet.Several variations of the daily diet:

Only if you follow all the rules, you can get a healthy and beautiful body, otherwise there is a chance that the weight will not move off the ground, or people simply ozhireet.It is therefore important to monitor the number of incoming calories, amount of exercise and rest time, to organize your meals and drink plenty of fluids.

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