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Male pattern baldness

Human hair is constantly updated - some grow, others fall - this is quite a natural process that should not cause any emotions and fears.Every day a person loses 150 hairs close, but if their loss comes to stage the appearance of hairless skin, such a process is already known as alopecia.There is a statement that retaining more than 60% scalp under the age of 30 years, a man has a chance to become the owner of a thick head of hair in old age.And do not believe that alopecia is a senile disease, as the first signs of baldness can

occur even with the age of eighteen.Men under the age of 25 years suffering from severe hair loss, are at risk people who may well be in a few years can get a sixth degree of baldness (for Norwood-Hamilton).

first signs of balding man can deliver a lot of trouble and problems and have on the subconscious level, not a small negative psychological impact.Lost hair can be seen everywhere - in the bathroom, on a pillow, clothing, desktop, etc. But sometimes the signs of baldness can be expressed not so sharply, so it is very important to take a closer look, if there is no any significant changes..Symptoms can be loss of hair volume, they quickly become fat, lose color saturation, thinning.Sometimes the reaction of the scalp may even become the manifestation of dandruff and itch a little, so you should take into account such symptoms to prevent baldness.

Baldness in men occurs for many reasons:

Methods for treatment of baldness are as varied as its causes.There are many medications, hair transplant technology and traditional methods of treatment and prevention of baldness in men.

There are many People's Councils of hair care and scalp treatments for people suffering from hair loss.

There are hundreds of recipes for tinctures, decoctions and oils to address the problem of baldness.His choice of each stop on those that most meet individual preferences.But most importantly, what unites them in achieving positive results - regular use.

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