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Oily facial skin in men

Few people know that the skin of men as opposed to women, is much thicker and has more sebaceous glands, so it is more oily.oily skin problem is that the pores in her usually clogged, pimples, it is to shine and looks untidy.

main causes of this problem are: smoking, inadequate intake of water, lack of rest and sleep, and, of course, also a hereditary factor.Also, oily facial skin is most often seen in those who do not watch your diet - scientists have shown that a deterioration of her condition causes frequent consumption of sweet foods.Moreover, inadequate or improper cleansing of the skin can also trigger increased greasiness.Well, the last - stress, depression and nervous feelings provoke acne.

Oily skin poses as distinct shine, enlarged pores and acne.And the blame for this active sebaceous glands and male sex hormones, which enhance their performance.

fairness, we note that the bold type of the dermis - the most common among men, so let's find out what to do if you are among those "lucky".

Let's start with the good news: the owners of the face oily skin look much younger than their biological age as the natural oils that stand out by the sebaceous glands, longer retain apidermis elastic and smooth.Moreover, after thirty years of activity of the sebaceous glands is reduced and the skin is normal.However, while production of sebum is reduced, it is necessary to take measures to provide nursing care for this type of the dermis.It consists of three basic rules:

To cleanse oily skin need to use a mild cleanser - gel or foam - twice a day.Rinse agent should be plenty of cool water.If you have acne after washing, wipe the face tonic antibacterial.

Important! In no case do not wash with hot water, since this has a stimulating effect on the sebaceous glands.

After washing, be sure to put on the face moisturizing cream or lotion, which does not contain oil.The cream should be specifically designed for oily skin and ideally contain antibacterial substances and zinc, which treat acne.

Important! Shaving Gel is most suitable for oily skin, because it has the property of absorbing from the surface of the fat.Therefore, choose a shaving gel is, not foam or soap solution.

to deeply cleanse oily skin, it is necessary once a week to perform peeling using a scrub and apply on the face cleansing mask out of clay.Cosmetic clay (which is sold in any drugstore) perfectly absorbs grease, cleans the pores and has a calming effect.

And a few more tips for caring for oily skin:

Now you know how to care for oily skin, and therefore, armed with the necessary means to be able to win over a greasy luster, acne and acne.

Good luck and excellent results!

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