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How to use a solarium men

solarium, until recently, was considered a female procedure.Tanned body is attractive ladies - this is the beauty and attractiveness to men.And they, by the way, these procedures are recommended for several reasons.And certainly not everyone knows that the stronger sex in the solarium is not only the beauty ...

number of tanning fans grows every year.And if the ladies are pursuing a purely aesthetic purposes, men tend to set themselves other tasks.They tanning needs for health, especially in the cold season.And the main reason is that's what.Scientists on the basis of long-term studies have established: under the action of ultraviolet radiation in the male body actively produces vitamin D and testosterone.This is the most important hormone of the stronger sex.The male body is responsible for the development of sexual organs and the production of sperm, the male libido.Scientists explain that getting enough vitamin D men do not have problems with sex drive due to the support the desired level of testost

erone.Traditionally this hormone level is reduced in the winter because the solar radiation in this period is weak.This causes a weakening of the male activity to the weaker sex.Women account for this vitamin deficiency, but in reality everything is simple: "blame" lack of ultraviolet radiation, which can compensate for the rate of procedures in the solarium.

attractiveness of the male body - a task no less important.But it is considered the main man when visiting the solarium.Tan will give the body a sporty look, charm.This external result tanning under ultraviolet light more important for women, surrounding them than the men themselves.

So, what you need to consider a man, if he goes to a tanning salon for the first time?

So, the above recommendations should be followed to obtain a smooth natural tan.Competent tan in the solarium for men - a long process.But just so you Transform your body achieve perfect results, improve men's health!