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If you are sure that your daily skin care enough to have a shaving foam and lotion after him, then you are very wrong.To face looked healthy and to keep youth in the years to come, he should be given enough attention.In today's post we will tell you what the daily and weekly procedures must be performed to facial skin radiant health and deliver as little as possible problems.At the same time, we note that all the procedures for the care of the person should be given the type of skin.

Even given the fact that the cover faces have different texture densities males, it also needs to be protected.Frequent shaving, stress, overwork and fatigue will leave their mark on the face.As a result, you notice that the complexion becomes somehow gray, there are swelling and bruising under the eyes, the skin becomes drier in the winter, and in summer suffer from enlarged pores and acne.All these problems are easily solved if you follow the simple rules of care.Well, let's see what is in men's face care?

Normal skin

Happy owners of this type of procedure is well tolerated shaving, do not suffer from frequent inflammation, acne and dilated blood vessels.On normal skin pores visible only in the region of the chin and nose wings.Even after washing the face with soap looks good, does not suffer from dry and does not need alcohol lotions.With this type of care is the most simple: proper cleansing, healthy diet and regular procedures will help keep health and beauty for many years.Once a week is recommended to use a peeling and scrub to thoroughly clean the surface of the face and soften bristles before shaving.

Dry skin

Men with dry type may be noted that in some areas formed irritation and flaking.Most often these defects occur in the area around the eyes and beard.With age, the skin becomes more dry and require constant protection and moisturizing.Especially sharply it reacts to shaving and grooming - a minute after the procedure, there is a feeling of tightness, itching and flaking.

fairness, we note that the positive side of the dry skin are also available.It looks smooth, less prone to acne and has virtually no oily sheen.Holders of this type is necessary to use a mild detergent for washing and softening and moisturizing creams and lotions.The alcohol cosmetics is better to postpone and to use balms and creams with natural antiseptic ingredient: aloe, chamomile, green tea.

Oily skin

It is often subject to the appearance of redness, pimples and inflammation.The fact that the increased activity of the sebaceous glands leads to the fact that the enlarged pores easily gets dirty, which actually provokes inflammation.The skin looks thick, coarse and often shiny.Pores are fairly deep, and then shaving may appear pimples and pustules.

The advantages of oily skin should include the fact that it is longer retain elasticity and acne are easily treated with special antibacterial agents: creams, foams for washing, lotions and tonics.Daily using these tools, you can easily solve the problem of excessive greasiness.A peeling twice a week will get rid of pimples and blackheads.

Combination skin

most problems in adolescence those men who got the combined type.When combined skin shiny nose, and cheeks feeling of tightness, flaking begins.Particularly active in the sebaceous glands in the T-zone - forehead, nose and chin.On the nose marked enlarged pores.With age, the combined skin becomes drier, but usually, wrinkles appear on it rather late.To care for it is necessary to use special means: the soft cleansers and alcohol free after-shave lotions.

Cleansing the skin

So, the daily face care must begin and end by washing.For these purposes, it is recommended to use for washing gels, foams or cleansing lotions.Using these tools is best in the morning before shaving procedure and in the evening, just before bedtime.The gel or foam for washing is applied to wet face massaging and rubbing of the nose towards the ears.It washed off the vehicle with copious amounts of cool water.


shaving process is also one of the most important steps for skin care.It is important to shave a good machine, time to change the blade and be sure to use the gel or shaving foam.It should be noted that the gel moisturizes better, making it easy to shave and less expression of irritation.After shaving, apply a soothing balm to prevent irritation and moisturize the skin as much as possible.

protection and hydration

To protect and moisturize the skin, use a face cream every day.The task day cream - cover to protect against the negative effects of the external environment and to ultraviolet rays.Apply the cream should be immediately after shaving, carefully spreading it along the massage lines face.

Night Cream

Not necessarily, but it's better to buy cosmetics line that includes the day and night cream for the face.This will moisturize the skin and into the night, leaving the next morning you check a healthy complexion, the lack of swelling and bruising.

Deep cleansing

Facial Scrub - a tool that should be applied absolutely all men at least once a week.The main objective is to remove the scrub horny layer of the skin and dead skin cells.Scrub is applied to damp skin, except the eye area.After application to the skin scrub hold 5 minutes and then carefully rinsed with copious amounts of warm water.

Note that the effect of the scrub is felt immediately, because it means very carefully cleanses the skin.At home, prepare a scrub is not a problem - Mix a teaspoon of ground coffee with the same amount of sour cream and a clean face.

Face masks that are recommended immediately after peeling, will help to solve problems such as irritation after shaving, acne, dry skin, etc.So do not hesitate to borrow from his beloved masochku or prepare homemade mask.

mask for dry skin

Preparation and application: Mix mashed banana and some strawberries.The finished mask apply on face, soak for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

mask against acne

Preparation and application: Mix one tablespoon of cosmetic clay with a small amount of warm water and apply on cleansed face.Soak for 15 minutes and rinse with water.

mask against irritation

Preparation and application: Mix some oatmeal with milk and apply the mixture on the skin.After 5-10 minutes, rinse with warm water.

In conclusion, use makeup - it is quite normal and even necessary for men, if you want to make your face look healthy and young.Do not neglect the means for skin care, follow the rules and guidelines that we have shared in today's publication and stay brave and beautiful always!

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